My Husband’s S*xual Fantasies Are Very Disturbing To Me- Pt 2


Hello ma,

Thank you for posting my story yesterday. (Click here if you missed her story). I guess I deserved the responses that I got. So many people believed that my husband was lusting after my best friend and truly wanted to sleep with her. That really got me messed up. I was very emotional.(I am an emotional person).

I could not hold back the emotions,I was crying and a huge mess. When my husband got back,I had to call him and tell him what I was feeling. At that point,I showed him the story and what people were saying.


My husband was very angry with me for not talking to him first before going to put our business in public. I am sorry,I am young in marriage,maybe I should not have gone out to post this. My husband and I took time to talk after this. He explained to me that he will never cheat on me.

He said,he only said he would have a threesome with my best friend IF I agreed. That he like other men have fantasies by that those not mean that they will go after their fantasies. He said he thought we were having an honest,intimate and vulnerable conversation of IF OR MAYBE…JUST A PROBABILITY…nothing was cast in stone.

Well,I am only writing this because I promise my husband to set the records right. I believe my husband. He will not cheat o me. I love him and I know he loves me. For the records,he says he does not want to even have a threesome. Its just a fantasy.

Thank you ma. I hope others learn from my story,not to be too quick to jump into conclusion. Me and my husband are fine.

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  1. Hello Trish,

    I am happy that you and your husband have been able to speak about this and gotten clarity about this fantasy problem.

    As I said yesterday,some people have fantasies but the smart thing to do is not to give voice to those fantasies.

    I pray your marriage gets stronger and better every day.

    God bless.


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