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My Husband Treats Me Like A Child: I Cannot Live Like This

Good afternoon Admin,

Please I want to talk to you. Concerning my marriage of 23 year now.

I got married at age 17 when I was in the higher institution. The the problem was my Husband can never carry me along all this years. He always see me like small girl. His attitude towards me was unbearable. In fact we never speak to each other for months now.

He deliver message to me through my children. I find out that he is seeing a lot of ladies now.Am planning to leave the marriage

Am emotionally down all this while.The last time I confronted him about his life style, he told me that he came from rich home and ladies most like him

I want to start business, but he said no. Right now am looking for work.

Please advice me.

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  1. Hello madam,

    Thank you for your message but why do you want to leave your marriage?… he maybe seeing other ladies and he sends message to you through your children or sees you as a child….truth is,you endured for 23 whole years why give up now?

    If you could do 23 years…am sure your kids are grown now…my advice is: do not leave..stay focused and forget about him…live your life happy without regret.

    Stop letting how he treats you affect you…find your own source of joy…find a job…even it its online buying and selling…do something to get yourself busy…do not leave that marriage that you worked hard for ….for other people to come and enjoy your labour.

    I guess he is older than you hence he treats you like a baby…dont mind that… to him even if he does not want to talk to you…

    When he sends you message through the kids…go and meet him and ask to confirm the message from the kids…that way he has to engage in a conversation with you.

    Change your hairstyle…change your wardrobe….find new things to do…get busy…if he says no business….become a volunteer at an NGO…do not remain idle at all…boredom will make things worse.

    Keep praying for him…keep being a good wife… you part…let God do his part…

    Just never let his part ever make you bitter or resentful.

    Its tough but you can do it….you have done it for 23 years….

    I believe there is a purpose for your marriage….let God be the centre of your marriage.He will work things out. Do not give up please.

    God bless


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