My Husband Set Me Up,I Fell For It & The Rage Is Eating Me Up!


I have been working in the banking sector for a while now,a little over six years and its been a very tough job I must confess. The financial targets and pressure that comes with it,is not even a joke. Many times,we are pushed to do un-imaginable things in order to meet these targets. So far,these six years,I have done some things but never have I had to use s*x to meet my targets.

Yes,s*x. Alot of us use it here to  keep our jobs. I am not even going to get into all that. But I was determined to keep my pants on. I was ready to resign if it ever got to that point. I worked hard,I pitched hard,I did all but not drop my pants.

Early this year,when I received my target for the year,I told my husband that this might be the year that I would resign because there is no way I would bring in the kind of amount I was given as target. My husband and I prayed about it and agreed to do the right thing when the time comes.


Towards the end of January,my husband came back from work and said he ran into a former colleague of his who now works with a big oil firm. They spoke and he agreed to help me meet my targets. I met Hassan in his office days later and we started talking. He helped me set up important meetings with the big wigs of his company. It really looked like I was going to meet my target about five times more. I was so happy.The final meeting with them held and they agreed to sign with my bank. Hassan being the deputy MD said he would need a few more days to look through the documents before finally signing.

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A week passed,no word from Hassan. I called him and he asked me to meet him at his hotel in VI. I went to see him and waited for almost four hours. He was in a meeting. He eventually came out and invited me for drinks in his suit. I was already comfortable with Hassan,I didnt think anything. So we got upstairs,drinks were served and after a while,Hassan became flirty with me. I was responding. I was light headed too. Hassan drugged my drink. He slept with me there and then.

I recovered a few hours later. I was angry and started to yell insults at Hassan. He then dropped the signed documents with me. Yes,I was going to meet my targets. I just collected the documents and went home. For some reason,I didnt tell my husband. Maybe because I was afraid,maybe cos I was too vulnerable. I got the deal. I paid dearly for it but I got the deal. I just felt I should just move on with my life without hurting my husband with the information.

But something horrible happened last week. Hassan came by my office and wanted to see me. I mean,everyone was happy to see our latest customer whos account came with trillions of bank balance. I had to be polite in front of everyone and followed him to his car. In his car,I was able to raise my voice and began to tell him how rotten he was. He was very apologetic but he said he knew I would never agree to having sx with him. That my husband bragged about me when he called him a month ago. He said he then had a bet with my husband to see if I could pull off the deal without having sx. I didnt believe what he said but he then played me a recorder of his conversation with my husband…I heard everything…my husband placed a N1million bet on me having s*x with his friend!

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At that point,my world crumbled. My own dear husband set me up!…I asked him if my husband knew he slept with me,he said not yet. But that he will tell him except I agree to his terms. And his terms ?…I sleep with him. He promised to take care of me. He said my husband was a jerk for putting me through this kind of dangerous game. He said,my husband was to blame for everything I had been through.

I dont know if it was the rage I was feeling for what this man was saying or his words was really making sense at that point.

I yielded, drew him close and had s*x with him on the back seat of his car!

For years,I kept myself because I respected my husband,I didnt yield to all the s*xual pressures to keep my job but here my husband wanted to text my resolve. I was pretty mad.

Ever since my last encounter with Hassan in his car,I have been boiling wanting to confront my husband….but I am also scared,what if Hassan lied? I may just have slept with the man a second time for free. The first time I was drugged,the second time,I may have been a complete fool..what would my husband’s reaction be if truly I have been a fool?..should I confront my husband? This is really eating me up!

What should I do?



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  1. Hello madam,

    How you fell for both men: your husband and this man,is what I don understand!

    What husband sets up his wife…I mean,place a bet on her sleeping with his friend?

    And my dear,how on earth,did you not think it was wise to check with your husband if he actually did all this man said he did…what if all these was just a misunderstanding?

    You and Your husband need to have a sit down talk and trash this out….the outcome of that discussion,for sure will not be pretty….

    All the best!

  2. What your husband did was very outrageous but you shld have usednyour head. The firtlst thing u shld have done was to confront your husband about what he did. Two wrongs cannot make a right now u can’t even defend yourself because of what u did. I will advice to still confront your husband irrespective of everything u have done.

  3. Amazing! two wrongs don’t make a right. Your hobby was totally wrong in what he did. but he probably did not sense danger in it. But you went to far to payback in that manner, because its a marriage not a competition. you actually fall my hand biko nu.

  4. You have been fooled because you are a fool in the first place and it’s in you before but may be there was no opportunity, but now with lies, opportunity was created for you and went in… How foolish you are…

  5. So sad… I don’t have to flog it in you again that you messed up. The first fall was you being “comfortable” with Hassan up to the point of being alone with him in his suite (you could have politely requested you guys sit to discuss at a corner in the hotel lounge or so); but that did not even take away your control of things as it were. You seemingly had all in control till the event at the back seat of the car.

    In any case (way forward), as advised in the earlier responses… The hard but reasonable way out is to talk to your husband about it; yes, face the bull by the horn and see how the situation can best be managed. Do this prayerfully too, and that is after seeking God’s face for forgiveness.

    Otherwise, the useless Hassan will keep blackmailing you.

  6. My sis, you acted unwisely. No ear will hear this and praise u for it. Prayerfully ask God for his mercy and let the holy spirit direct you next action

  7. My dear you acted unwisely. No ear will hear this and praise you irrespective of the provocation. Ask God for his mercies and let the holy spirit direct your next step.


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