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My Husband Is Pushing Me To My Past Life- Again

This is a cry for help ma. I am a married woman but I am seriously tempted to sleep with my boss…again….!..Please do not judge me,I am only human. I am trying but it seems the only way out is that I will loose my job. I have been struggling with the thought of loosing my job especially in such an economy where things are very difficult. How will I cope if I do not get a job soon?

The first time I slept with my boss,I was single. My boss is a womanizer. Everyone knows him for that. He always wanted me and I tried my best to avoid him. But one time I needed the balance to pay my rent and also send money to my mother,I asked the company for a loan and was told that the MD refused to grant my request for weeks.

I avoided going to beg him because I knew it would lead to something else. But the pressure was too much,I yielded and went to see him and that is how I ended up having s*x with him. This relationship continued after that because for some reason,my boss was very good in that department and I needed the ‘benefits’ that came from our relationship.

However,I met someone a few months later. I had to discontinue with my boss even though he kept pressuring me to still see him. I got married but was greatly disappointed with my husband’s s*xual performance. While we were dating, it was not that bad but after three years in marriage,it became quite appalling.

My husband complained of stress at work,etc. I did everything and tried every trick to keep his libido. I bought him drugs and even initiated porn but he just couldn’t get past 5 minutes. Now,as if the devil knows,he has been using my boss at work to torment me. Anytime we are close by,he looks at me so longingly and whispers what he would do to me if I let him…

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I find myself now running away from him at every point. But I also find myself thinking and day dreaming of my boss and wishing I could be with him. He slipped a paper into my hands weeks ago and when I opened it,he wrote,lets meet up…I can see you want it too. I was shaking all through that day.How I was able to get through that day was a miracle.

Another time,he sent for me to his office and soon as I got in,he locked the door and descended on me. I struggled and struggled until I began to enjoy it..he somehow knew he has that effect on me. I almost caved in finally…but just in time,I caught myself and pulled away with all the strength I could muster.

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Now,its a battle at work. I cannot concentrate. My husband cannot satisfy me and here I am being tempted by the devil himself. That voice that is telling me to quit my job…is that voice going to help me find another job?

Please pray for me and guide me please.

From Mrs G.F

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  1. Dear Mrs GF,

    I do not want to sound judgmental but the truth is,you are acting selfish.

    So just because your husband cannot satisfy you,you want to cheat on him? Switch places with him,if you were the one unable to satisfy him,how would you feel if he cheated on you for that reason?

    While I acknowledge the place of sex in marriage,it is not the reason for marriage…marriage is about purpose and vision…and you will have challenges in your journey to achieve your purpose in marriage…

    Health challenge like your husband has should NEVER be a reason to consider cheating…

    My advice….stay away from your boss by any means possible….you have done that successfully since you got married right? Continue to do so,since you cannot afford to loose your job…

    As for your husband,keep trying to find ways to help him with erectile dysfunction,if you try one way and it does not work…try another until you find a cure.You should stand by your husband in this challenge..that what vitreous wives do..not abandon their husbands when they are weak.

    Pray for your husband,yourself and your marriage..make it work at all cost.

    It is well with you.


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