My Husband Does Not Get Tired: He ”Bothers” Me Everyday.

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This a question from a whatsapp member. What are your thoughts,how would you advise her? Drop your comments below.


Hello ma’am,

Please I am shy. I see how you are answering marriage questions on whatsapp. I have question please. I am newly married. I got married in May this year. I know I am still very young in this marriage thing but I this s*x thing is really disturbing me.


The thing is,my husband wants to have sx every day and sometimes I am too tired. I work on the island and sometimes due to traffic,I get home late. I rush to make dinner and I just want to sleep but my husband,once its around 12 mid night,he must wake me up for sx.

Yes,another thing is,why must it be in the mid night? I ask him,he say that is when his emotion is doing him. But me,that time,sleep,deep sleep is really catching me. The only person I complained to is my mother. She encourage me to bear it that it will reduce as we get older. Honestly,I am enduring o.I will just lie down there while he is on top…waiting for him to finish so I can sleep. And he will complain that I am not responding…it is not easy ma.

I try not to complain but its affecting me and I am beginning to feel he is not sensitive to my feelings.He will say that a married man must have s*x in his house regularly to avoid temptation outside. This is why I don;t complain but I am really exhausted. The other day,I told him if it can be like tow or three times a week but he says any man that does not do it every day is doing it outside.

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Please I am scared of all the things I am hearing outside about marriage. My marriage is too young. I want my marriage to last so I do not complain. Also,I am believing God to get pregnant soon. But I won’t lie,I wish it is not everyday.

What is the perfect number of times to have s*x as married couple in a week?

From a whatsapp member,

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  1. Hello Dear,

    Many will see your situation as a ;;good problem”….well largely because,for newly weds,you are supposed to be in the honey moon phase of your the fact that your husband fancies you and wants to make love to you everyday should be a good thing.

    But I hear you,this has to be addressed in love and understanding. You need to find better ways to communicate with your hubby.

    As you say,you do not want to deny him …all you need is to be able to get some rest in between right?

    So,call him lovingly…sit him down and just tell him how you feel…

    You can suggest to him…that instead of every mid night…how about sometimes in the early hours of the morning,when you have rested well.

    You can also suggest,every other day instead of every day. Just talk to him in love and commit all to prayers.

    Congratulations on your marriage and have a happy one too.

  2. Early morning sex could also help, maybe allow you to sleep, sometimes having sex like between 2am and 4am is bomb. At least, you could have regained your strength and your hormone in excellent level at this time. 5am makes it heavenly experience. but for Lagos, I guess by 5am, you’re already on your way to work


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