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My Husband And I Have Been Unfaithful To Each Other

Keep me anonymous please.

Not everything you see is the way it is.Really,I was a good girl growing up. I was very committed in church and never promiscuous. I married as a virgin. But I did not have a child for five years after marriage. It was very hard. My husband started cheating with various women. I used to cry alot and fast and pray to God for a child.

There were my husband did not care about me for so long.I was neglected.I began to feel cheated and planned my way of getting back at my husband. I flirted with a couple of  men but they all didn’t work out. I was desperate.

I did not find any man to sleep with so I pretended to be a prostitute. That is how I met the man that slept with me. I felt bad for cheating and promised myself never to do that again. Like a miracle,I got pregnant about four months later.Life changed for me. I was happy. I gave birth to my son and got pregnant again before he was 6 months .

I have two children now. But I have a problem. I was just diagnosed of HIV after my second pregnancy. My life now has crashed. Thank God none of my children are affected. My husband does not know yet and I am afraid of telling him. I suspect I contacted it when I slept with with a strange man 17 months ago. But it was only one time.The Doctor has said I must tell my husband to come for test.

I am afraid. My husband may test positive: What if he tests negative? he may know that I gave him HIV. That will be the end of my marriage. But my husband too has been very unfaithful,he has slept with several women. How do I determine how I got HIV? Maybe he gave it to me…I am so afraid of telling him because I do not want the truth to come out. what do I do?

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I am so scared right now.

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  1. Hello,

    Here is some tough love: you both were unfaithful. You opened your door for sickness to come into your home.

    There is only one way out:confess your sins one to another and forgive one another.

    Then please listen to the Doctor and find ways for both of you to stay healthy and raise your children.

    God bless you.

  2. Tell him,that way the truth about the whole thing will be exposed. If,however you don’t tell him,he will be dying slowly,and I am sure you don’t want that.The truth ,they say is bitter,but in the long run always sweeter.


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