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My Girlfriend’s Behavior Is Giving Me Second Thoughts

Hello Lively Stones,
Please I need your advise. Am in a relationship, the lady am with doesn’t like doing home chores like cooking or cleaning. She will come to my house, she will see things scattered, but she won’t move an inch to arrange them for me.
She runs away from cooking, people I know their girl cook for them like weekends, but I can’t have it from her.Anytime I try to talk to her about all this, she will be telling me in her house she  doesn’t do all those things.
Am afraid. What should I do. It appears she’s lazy. She watches film too much.
Please advice me…
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  1. Hello,

    Could you define your relationship with this lady? Are you engaged? How long have you two been together?

    If she is not your fiancee,you should not be bothered about her domestic skills….even if you are engaged,her domestic skills are not a deal breaker.

    Of course its important for both men and women to know how to cook and clean but that should not be a deal breaker.

    She may be good in other areas….she can learn to do these things if she wants to…you can teach her or frankly speaking,ignore her lack of domestic skills….and focus on her character as a human being…is she good? …kind and loving and humble?….and prayerful and insightful and intelligent?…these are qualities to be looking for in a future wife…

    However,if this is a big deal for you…then cut her loose.

    Wish you all the best.


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