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My Girlfriend Is Hot But She May Not Be The Right Woman For Me

Good day all,

So my girlfriend and I have been together for a year now. The first 6 months of our relationship was celibate. That drew her to me. She is someone of high moral standards. Also,she always said she was not going to date me if it will not lead to marriage …so I guess she wanted to be sure that I was the right guy before anything.

After 6 months, we started making out which eventually led to sex. I am no saint but the problem I have with her is that after preaching about abstinence for 6 months, my girlfriend and I have been engaged in sex for almost every day till date. She is always in the mood and that to me is a sign.

I feel she is loose. She talks like a good girl and all that but she cannot control herself. This might be every guy’s dream: to have a woman that is always ready to get down and dirty but not many men want to marry the girl that they feel has been with every guy cos of how experienced they are.

I have tried to cut down on how many times we have sex but she gets angry and says that if I dont want her,she will go for another guy. Like I said,I am not a saint but I suspect that I may not be able to satisfy this lady if we get married. She is always wanting it,even if I say I am tired….she must find a way.

This relationship is almost a year…maybe I should cut it off because she has said she only date if it will lead to marriage. I do not want to be accused of leading her on…I do not see us getting married…not because of anything but her sexual energy,I cannot seem to match up.

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Am I being paranoid….Please advise me.


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  1. Emm….

    It takes two to tango…so you think she is not your spec cos she likes s*x too much?

    Maybe she is truly not. Maybe you should stop having s*x cos you are not even married…you are eating free cookies and yet complaining….

    One year on….its ok…since she is not in the picture of marriage…let her go…

    But in future,note that a person’s sexual energy is not an indication of their character….we have prudes who have nasty characters

    What do you want…you said the girl is nice…but too sexy….you can try and find you someone less sexy ….if that will make you happy

    Different strokes for different folks. Sometimes,you have to accept people the way they are and help them become a better version of themselves…not the version you pictured them.

    In choosing a life partner….choose what is important…and forget about what is not.

    All the best.


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