My Girlfriend Asked Me A Trick Question- What Is The Answer?

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This a question from someone on whatsapp. What are your thoughts,how would you advise him? Drop your comments below

Hi…. Good morning

I trust your night was good.There has been this question bothering my mind for days now asked by my girl friend. She was in a happy mood judging from our conversation on phone when she threw the question…

She asked what is that character of hers that would make me give up on her….Because from all indications, we plan spending the rest of our lives together….The whole family knows I’m the one she’s dating.They see me as their in-law already. We’ve been together for six good years now.


She’s in her early twenties while I’m in my late twenties. Because of her school,it would appear that we are in a long distance relationship.On my own, I tried answering her with little knowledge….. That as an Adult, those things you know its wrong doing if she continuously do them, I might give up.

However,please I want to hear from everyone what she means exactly because she is very intelligent and sensitive…she opens up alot and I try my best to advice..Mind you I made her know what intimacy is……. If you know what I mean.

Thanks in Addy

Worried Man

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  1. She is simply asking you what your deal breakers are. You should know what your deal breakers are. Deal breakers are those things your partner will do that will make you to end the relationship. So there is nothing tricky about her questions. Simply tell her your deal breakers.

  2. Hello Worried man,

    I think your girlfriend is a very smart girl for asking you that question. She wants to know you more..your character and what you principles and boundaries are. That way,she can decide if you are her kind of person she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

    She is also testing your character and ability for forgive when wronged in a relationship.

    Before you answer,make sure its a smart answer too.

  3. Hmm, the girl is smart. Most girls ask that question when an admirer is lurking in the corner. They want to test your ability to forgive if they misbehave. Rest and ask yourself that thing that will be difficult to forgive her if she does it. Every Man has a spot you dont touch so think and tell her yours. It is an important question there is nothing tricky about it.


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