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My Future In-laws Are Trying To Control My Fiance/Our Marriage-Pt 3

Editor’s Note:

This is final part of the story of Tony & Sara. Click here and here if you missed the first two parts. We are happy Tony and Sara are in good place. You may drop your comments or well wishes for both of them in the comments area. Thank you.


Good day ma,

Thank you for taking your time to advise us yesterday. I like the way you answered my email. I thank also those who gave us genuine advice like Uche and Dr Uche. I know that Sara is my God given wife. Thank you for guiding us in this matter.

I must say that yesterday was full of mixed feelings for me. I struggled with the responses I saw here. I was disturbed that some people thought I was a gold digger. Others said I was not ready for marriage so I should stop disturbing Sara.

Well ma,like you said, I sieve the responses I saw and decided what works for me. I have decided to renew my house rent. Actually Sara and I discussed about this.She understands better where I was coming from.

We are both ready for marriage. This is just a trick from the devil to distract us. Those who feel our marriage is based on lies and deceit will see us prosper in this marriage. I only wanted to please my parents whom I know do not mean harm for us. I know my parents better than anyone so no one can tell e anything about them.

It just that now I understand that sometimes to prove how much you love someone,you sacrifice or compromise for them. Sara is worth that compromise. I will not loose her over a small matter like accommodation. Sara is someone that I know that even if I am living under the bridge she will still marry me.

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Maybe like you said ma,she is scared. She has no reason to be scared. I will protect her with my life. I made myself listen to some side talks too. I blame myself for listening to such talks about wives that come to divide families. Mine will not be like that.

So, to cut the long story short, I receive your advice with gratitude. I and Sara will renew my current house rent and move into my place. God will continue to help us and help you ma.

I am sorry I hurt Sara . I want to reassure her of my undying love!

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Thank you and God bless you.





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  1. Hello Tony,

    I must congratulate you for the kind of man that you are. You listened. You are a good man.

    I can say that you and Sara are fortunate to have each other.

    No relationship or marriage is perfect. When you hit a rough path,its important you pause and think and process what happened and then listen to good counsel.

    People may not always understand your actions but people will always get it when its true love.

    I pray your up coming marriage will be fruitful and blessed. May your love and friendship wax stronger.

    God bless you both.

  2. This is the best love story I have read in a long time may God bless you Tony and he make you and Sarah’s home a blessed one that would be worthy of emulation. I am so proud of you.

  3. You’ ve proven beyond doubts that you truly love your woman. Thank you for listening. And always remember (in future) that communication is key to every successful relationship.
    Best wishes.


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