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My Friend’s Husband Keeps Chatting With His Ex Girlfriend

Good day family,
A friend of mine have been married for A year now…… But her husband  keep chatting with with his ex and whenever  they chat, he delete  the messages….
She have noticed  that for a longer time… She is really confused and don’t know that to do…. She is asking me for advice but I don’t know what to tell her…
Please your advice
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  1. Hello,

    Your friend needs to talk to her husband. She should strategically plan the conversation…such that it would be when the environment is not hostile.

    When speaking to him,let him be comfortable and not feel threatened. Speak to him in love and genuinely show care and concern when you speak.

    Let him know that his continuous chatting with his ex is disrespectful to you. Ask him how he would feel if you were the one chatting ceaselessly with your ex?

    She should just tell him how she feels and stop bothering herself.

    The saying is: you cannot stop a bird from sh*ting on your head but you sure can prevent it from building a nest on your head.

    Let him know you do not like it and its emotional affair he may be trying to have.

    Do not be aggressive in your communication….then pray about it and have your rest of mind

    Its a young marriage…this stage might pass depending on how both of them handle it.

    I would advise she handles with care….keep the communication lines open and pray.

    This too shall pass…the ex is just a distraction…don’t let her get to you..YOU ARE THE WIFE…

    So guard your home…make it beautiful and inviting for your husband, be his peace of mind …. so he knows the value he has at home

    Pray …have faith in God…keep talking to your husband and live your life happy irrespective.

    God bless you.


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