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My Friend Needs Your Advise:Will Her New Boyfriend Accept Her?

Hello Lively Stones,

I have a friend who is going through a lot of pain after divorce and now relationship issue. I need your advice so I can help her through it.

You see she has been married to the guy for 12 years and they have kids. But the guy has another wife before her so when he married her it was hell. Pressure from his wife. Pressure from his family.

So much pains. And eventually she decided to leave but the day she made up her mind she had a serious beating from the man that she could hardly walk. So she left him they are now separated

Now she is in a relationship and doesn’t know how to keep it going because of her previous experience.

The guy wants to marry her but doesn’t want to carry on with her kids,so she said they should break up and he again said he accept the kids if that what will make her break up with him, but she doesn’t trust he has really accepted her kids.

What should she do?

Stella from Whatsapp  (Not real name)


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  1. Hello Stella,

    Your friend does not need to be under any kind of pressure…..does she want to jump from frying pan to fire?

    SHe divorced a man who was beating her…why does she need another man who clearly does not want to accept her children?

    Sometimes,women are the cause of their own problems. She does not need any man that will treat her with less respect.

    She needs to bounce that man…she has suffered enough for a need to be anxious to have another man in her life.

    She needs to be very careful,prayerful and observant. How long has she been divorced? Has she even properly healed from her previous marriage ordeal?

    Let her spend some time loving herself…finding her voice and investing in herself and her children.

    When a man sees that she is not desperate,then they can respect and acknowledge who she is and love her like she truly deserves to be loved.

    This current guy is not the one. She needs time before another relationship. She needs to be in charge of her own happiness and not looking for a man to validate her existence.

    God bless you.


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