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My Friend Is Getting Married & She Begs Me To Keep Her Secret

Dear Ma,

I need advise on how to go about this matter. So,my friends and I went on a trip to Dubai last month. It was a couples vacation,so everyone came with their husbands or boyfriends or fiance. I went there with my boyfriend.

One of my friends, Tina (not real name)went with her fiancee. Their wedding is This February. We had a great time at the vacation ma and we all came back home. I went to see my boyfriend two weeks ago just before Christmas and he was not around.

So,I called him and told him I would wait since he was close by. His neighbor, a young lady called me inside to wait for him. She is like all these born again people that do not wear ear rings. She started to preach to me. I listened to her. She sounded very nice.

While waiting,she now said its none of her business but since to her,I look like a good girl (you know,I listened to her when she was preaching and praying for me). She now said I deserve someone better than the person I am dating. I asked her what she meant. She said I am not the only girl my boyfriend was dating and bringing home.

That made me very curious. She said I should not mention her name but she just feels sorry that I am being taken advantage of. Ma,I looked at her like amebo but somehow,I believe she was genuinely caring for me.

When my boyfriend came,I took his phone and scanned his whatsapp on my ipad. So,I could be seeing his chats on my ipad. He did not know. That is how I got to read his whatsapp chats.

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I discovered that my boyfriend was truly sleeping with several girls. I was in disbelief. This guy that looks like a saint? But my greatest surprise was one of the girls on his whatapp chat was my friend,Tina.

Apparently,they had hooked up right from the Dubai trip. They were seeing each other regularly and he was telling her when to come so as not to run into me. I mean,this girl Tina is engaged to be married o. I did not know she was a slut. Me and Tina have been friends for almost 9 years.

There were several messages of how many times they hooked up. How they both enjoyed it. How my boyfriend says he misses her and wish she was not getting married to a boring guy. That they wish I was not even in the picture. They even wish me dead…haba.

I confronted my boyfriend,he could not even mutter a word. He was caught pants down. I broke up with him. My friend Tina has been calling me. Saying it was the devil’s work.  I refused to see her. She came down to my place,crying and begging me not to tell her fiance.

Now,she is using her mother to beg me. Na wa for her mother. She should be ashamed of her daughter.Well,I do not blame the poor woman.

I insulted Tina but that is not enough for the hurt she caused me. She hurt me. She is my friend,she broke up my relationship and she has the guts to tell me not to break up hers by telling her guy? I am upset and furious. I mean,I thank God for showing me the type of guy I was dating but the betrayal from my friend whom I have known for more than 9 years is just too much.

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I need advise on what to do…I think Tina’s husband to be deserves to know the type of wife he is going to marry. You need to see the dirty nudes and dirty conversations she had with my stupid boyfriend. Saying things like: she will f*ck him crazy he will not be able to remember my name…that he will be shouting her own name when he is with me..

The audacity..that girl is promiscuous…fine,I don’t get my own happiness…she does not get to have hers…I will send her fiance an anonymous text. Her fiance  is someone I know very well too. If he finds out I know about this and did not tell him,he would be very disappointed in me

He might even think I connived with this slut to hide the truth from him. Years ago,I heard a rumor Tina slept with her boss at work. The boss wife found out and their marriage almost broke up. I never confronted Tina then. But now,I think I need to do something in this case before she hurts another innocent man…

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  1. Hello,

    Ordinarily,I would say,forget about this guy and your friend and move on but your description of this girl appears like she is a home wrecker.

    Well,forgive her but her fiance deserves to know. Especially since you said if he found out that you kept that from him,he would be disappointed in you..

    So,give her some time to tell him herself…if she does not,then yes,send him an anonymous text message.

    Wow..this is ridiculous. I pray this your friend and ex boyfriend get their lives together…they certainly need to get straight.

    And thank God for using that woman to help you dodge the bullet.

    She may have stepped out of line for telling you but I think you are better off knowing who you were dealing with.

    Wish you all the best.

  2. I know Tina won’t have begged you if she wasn’t caught ,the whole is the devils work is all a lie na scam,I feel as a good girl go and report to her husband using anonymous text so has not to be discovered but abeg make sure you have evidence,and also do it in such a way that Tina would not suspect that you are the one that sent her husband the test the mistake you did was to confront tina immediately i f I were u I would have broken the relationship I had with Tina silently ,or even played along with Tina pretending all is when the negative thing is anyhow the husband finds out about you they will still trace it to you because as it is you are the only way who knows about your promiscuous friend better still tell Tina fiancé the whole truth so you would both plan a. Way to caught her red handed all the same make sure you have prove ooo so that it does not end up on your head.


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