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My Fiancee Keeps Messing Around:How Do I Plan Our Future Together?

Hello ma,

Good morning

I once chatted you up last year on issues concerning my fiancee who schooling in Kaduna.
This time she confessed to me this morning on what what happened about her and a guy I have asked her to stop seeing.

Though she declined following him to his house but asked him for a kiss or to say he should say he loves her.

This is somebody that  will be with me by next week here to do her internship. I even thought she was reading (focusing on her books) not know she was with another (guy).

I am tired and I do’nt know what to do. I seek your advice on how to handle this.

If she cant handle this guy how will she handle men that will come her way on during her IT?


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  1. Hello,

    I think its safe to say that your fiancee is taking you for granted. She knows you love her yet she keeps disrespecting you with another guy?

    Have you tried to talk to her?…Draw a line and let her know if she cannot be faithful,then you cannot be together.

    She is asking a guy for a kiss???…and asking the guy if she loves her…does that mean she loves the guy too?

    Maybe your love for her is blinding you….how naive can she be? or how manipulative is she?

    I do not get it….maybe you should go for a more mature lady…being a student and young,she may think she can still mess around until she is ready to settle down

    How long can you live the suspicion that she may be unfaithful?

    Free yourself….find someone more mature and faithful.

    Wish you all the best.

  2. She is still a child growing up, you are taking the relationship seriously than she is, just let her exhaust her juvenile delinquencies but hope for the worst move on.


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