My Father’s Lies & Betrayal keeping Me From True Love


Maya is the daughter of our Cook,Aunty Nancy. She is almost twenty years old and both of us have been dating for about one year but we have kept the relationship secret for almost one year. When we started dating,Maya told her mother but the mother told her to break the relationship cos she didnt want to loose her job as a cook with my family.

Aunty Nancy has been working as our family cook for more than 20 years. She got pregnant and had a baby when she was our house girl at the time. She was just a teenager. It was rumored that Security man around our neighborhood had gotten her pregnant and refused to acknowledge the pregnancy. My parents helped her and she had a baby girl. I and my sister was just six and three years old at the time. So when her baby was born,Maya was like our baby sister.

When Maya left for Secondary school in boarding school,I was in the UK for my university studies. I returned five years later to meet a fully grown Maya,who was in her final year in University. I fell in love with her. I didnt think anything was wrong with us being together because we are not related by blood. Myself and my sister are adopted children of our parents. But Maya’s mom didnt want the relationship hence we had to keep it secret. I didnt want her to loose her job or respect with my family although I didnt see how that was possible but you know,Africans and superstitions are two peas in a pod. That didnt stop us,we were was hoping that one day we would be able to convince our parents to allow us be together. Maya has been the love of my life and very soon,I intend to let everyone know that.

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Three months ago,I had returned home from the office one Saturday evening. I had just moved into my apartment for like six months but I was home sick for home made food. So I drove down to my parents place hoping to get some delicious home cooking. The house looked empty when I came in. The security told me my mom was not home but my dad was. I got into our house and went straight upstairs to greet my dad and there I ran into my dad banging Aunty Nancy. At first,it didnt register. Aunty Nancy was on top of my dad,I thought she was trying to help him,maybe he had a heart attack or something. But she was naked and so was my dad. I was transfixed to the spot as I bumped into them!….I was shocked to my marrows.

You see,my parents are my idols…they raised me and my sister as their own when they couldnt bear their own children. And I am very grateful for their love. They showed us how much they loved each other and us for many years. To find my father cheating on my mom with our favorite Aunty/cook of many years broke my heart completely. I turned and left the house. My day came to see me in my place and tried to offer some apology and explanation. I asked him how long this was going on and he couldnt tell me. After much persuasion,he made me promise not to tell my mom if he told me. It turns out that my dad has been sleeping with Aunty Nancy for more than 20 years and my mom never knew it.

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More damaging is the fact that my dad said to me that Maya was his daughter! He was the one who got Aunty Nancy pregnant years ago,not the security man everyone was made to believe.Now,I knew why Maya’s mother didnt want us together. Since then,I have been so angry at my dad and stopped speaking to him. My mother and sister have been wondering what happened. I couldnt look at this man who was so righteous in my eyes all my life. Now,he is the father of my girlfriend whom I want to be with. I told him about my love for Maya and he says it cannot be cos we are practically siblings. This has angered me much more. I feel like telling my mom about this because,one she deserves to know what a lying husband she has been living with,two,how much betrayal her cook of two decades have been,three I want to be allowed to be with Maya.

At the back of my mind,telling my mom would break her heart much more than it has mine. I am confused and at loss at what to do. This recent revelations have filled me with so much pain. I cant be a part of all these lies,what should I do?



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  1. Hello Nathan,

    Your story is quite an unfortunate one. But I see that you are a grown man so I advice you to take some hard decisions.

    And these decisions are: you have to talk to your dad,convince him to tell your mom…a 20 year old secret needs to get out by now. The lives of those involved in this secret is not fair to them. Its not fair to your mom,to maya,to yourself and your sister.

    It may break hearts but its time for your dad to come clean.

    If he doesnt do that,then you owe it to your mom to tell her.

    Finally,I dont see why you and Maya cannot be together…you are not linked biologically…the only thing is,it may be insensitive to your mom cos of how Maya was born…find out what your mom thinks. If she is against it,you may want to spare her the agony as your dad has done so much damage already.

    I pray for you and your family…this is just too much for anyone to bear.

    All the best.

  2. This is very dicey situation.

    Congratulation that you are an adopted child ,so you can marry maya.

    As for your dad , i dont know what to say about that.


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