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My Desperate &Lonely Friend Is Having An Affrair With My Boss:Please Advise

Editor’s note:

  1. The story below came from an LS WhatsApp member. She is asking for advice for a friend. LS does not claim rights to this Story. Original names and location have been changed to protect the identity of the persons involved.Please read and advise.



Good morning ma,

Please help me o, am confuse, I don’t know what to tell her, I need advice.

I got married last November preparing for my wedding on April. I have a friend, married woman with two children, boy and girl 4 and 2 years. So I joined a forum and my life changed, my guy immediately start loving me.

So this woman (my friend) was having problem with the husband and most times the man will beat hell out of her. This is because she got pregnant and was forced to marry him, he refused but due to pressure he accepted, now he made the house a living hell to the woman.

So I decided to help her o, I introduced her to my group and she joined sex class, but ever since she joined sex class, she didn’t get the opportunity to practice what she learnt.

Her husband will carry woman up and down and beat her in every slightest issue, she stop quarrel with him and tried her best but all was in vain.

So one day, am working with one of the house of assembly member in Eastern state, so she followed me to work on December time, so the man shared money and rice, as his media aid, I received three bags of rice and hundred thousand, so when I was about to leave my boss asked if she was my sister and I said no, a friend.

He called her and give her one bag if rice, we went home. My friend since has been complaining to me that she is feeling honey each time she saw her husbby, but the man won’t allow her practice what she learn from sex class, no sex for eight months. So I told her to keep trying that one day, she will have her family back.

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Next day she followed me again to work because she was helping me to share cloth and rice to people in my Boss constituency.

That day we came work, and was busy when my Boss call me for an errand, because am busy, he called her to help do what he wants me to do, I waited for one hour, I didn’t see her and I went inside my boss office to look for her because am about opening another set of wrapper (she will be calling names and I will be handing the clothes over to them)

As I entered and about to open my boss door, I heard my boss moaning and making some utterances like Who are you, I don die, which world did you come from?, Jesus! I could not believe my ear, because my boss has never acted like a womanizer. I went out and was boiling because she disgraced me.

After some hours she came out and I confronted her immediately, she started crying that she can’t hold herself, that it has been long she need sex. I asked what happened she said she went inside and my boss told her she look depressed and in need of love, she started shedding tears and told him is true, (my boss is a psychologist before he became a house of assembly.

So she left, I finished my work and went home, I meet her in my house, she knelt down and started asking I should forgive her for disgracing me. She cried for two hours and I was touched, I consoled her and she opened her hand and brought out a cheque of two hundred thousand that my boss gave her.

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I was confused but I told her to return it to him, she agreed. Next day she went to his office to return it and my boss on sight of her, rushed and started kissing her, they end up have sex (unprotected) she came back and blamed me, that she don’t want to go there again. I wanted to confront my boss but I no get liver to do so.

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Last week my boss called me and when I enter his office, he pleaded that he had something with my friend and he don’t want why he had to stop, he told me I should forgive my friend if she open up to me, I told him she has told me everything.

He said that he never receive that kind of sex in his life and the woman lack love and he wants to stand for her.

I can’t believe my ears, my boss is 40 years with one child, and very handsome, I can swear for him when it comes to women because he is not that woman type. I told him that my friend is married, and he said she told him. I left and told him that I can’t be part of such thing, because he has a wife. Yesterday my friend called me that I should meet her somewhere, I went there (commissioner quarters and as I reach there she was hold a bunch of key and was crying.

I asked why, she said my boss called her and she refuse to pick since a week, then he pleaded she should listen to him for the last time, then she went there and he handed her a key to a beautiful flat, and brand new Lexus 330. Am short of words, and that yesterday her husbby was treating to send her to her early grave with beating.

I don’t know what to say again, am confuse what pussy can do to a full grown man. I have come to realize that all tgses testimonies here are 100%real. This morning by 5am, my friend forward a massage on Wassap where my boss asked her to choose working (he will give her work in the state) or Five million for business.

Am here to seek advice because am confused, I told her I will post this here, because it is a sin to be a side chick, and she is married. What advice should I give her?


Anonymous friend of poster


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  1. Hello,

    This is simple…and all shades of wrong.

    Your friend is married and cheating with a married man…that is wrong…and should stop.

    Secondly…if her her is beating her ..and denying her sex…wonder what she is still doing in the marriage. She needs a temporary separation from her husband.

    Domestic violence can lead to death so she needs to protect herself. And perhaps try counselling with her husband…let them see a therapist that could be of help to salvage their marriage.

    If it’s not salvageable…then,its better she remains separated so she remains alive.

    As for the sleeping with your boss…both of them are so wrong…no matter how good the reason they give…they need yo stop.

    All the best


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