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My Brother Wants To Disgrace Our Family:Please Advise!

Good morning ma,

Good morning, please I need this post anonymously.

Please I need urgent help and advise on this matter. Am 38 years now and I remember how my father came home when I was about 10 years with a “Son”. His claim was that mother was giving birth to only girls, as he had 6 girls then and only one son.

Oh the mockery, the shame and humiliation my mum went through. Anyways God finally blessed my mum with another boy, making us 6 girls 2 boys.

Now my problem is that my step brother has always lived with us and enjoyed better benefits than we have enjoyed. My dad made sure he gave him the best of it all and we learnt to always be contented with what we had.

He eventually got admitted to the university, and while in 400L the last child of the house also got admitted into the same university. My father has never sent my younger brother money but he has a monthly income for my step brother.

Since I live in the state where they school, I always try to meet up with the little I can for both of them, while my elder brother tries to take care of the bulk (schools fees) for both of them. Now my younger brother is about to graduate and after asking my step brother severally for his results and progress and didn’t get any feedback I decided to visit his department.

The shock of my life is that his results in his departments shows voluntary withdrawal…..
With the yearly fees given to him, I am yet to find or think of what to do. Please who can help me think as my head cannot contain this..

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I have only called our father to let him know and this same boy lied to my father that he is due for NYSC.

Somebody should please help me on how to handle this..

Anonymous LS Whatsapp Member

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  1. Hello dear,

    This brother of yours is obviously pampered and spoiled. No need to hide this from your family. You need to tell your father.

    He needs proper discipline and structure. I hope they can guide him now that he is a full adult…this is what they should have done when he was much younger

    In any case…this boy needs some tough love….tell your father and mother…they can then call him to ask him.

    I hope he finds his feet after this.



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