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My Boo’s Mother Prays For Me To Find My Own Husband-Please Help!

Good Morning ma,

I need advise. I have been in a relationship with a guy. For like a year plus now. This year,he started talking marriage but I do not think his mother likes me. When I met his mother the first time,she practically ignored me but my guy told me to let her get to know me that she would like me when she gets to know me more.

However,any effort I put in to be cool with this woman is not working out. To be honest,I do not see the mother all the time cos she stays quiet far,in Meiran. I live and work in Ikoyi. I try to call her a couple of times but I guess its still not working.

When my guy talked about marriage,my parents were very happy and prayed for us. He has only told his mother and she said nothing. So,I called her like last weekend to ask her how she is doing,she said not too fine,that she has been feeling sick.

So,I told her if I bring her anything,she said not to bother and that I should stop trying,that God will give me my own husband but that its not her husband. I was shocked and asked her what she meant by that. She said,I have said what I have said.

Ma,that really worried me. I told my guy and he said I should relax that his mom will come around. I mean,he seems very convinced and he loves me but I do not know why his mother does not like me.

My guy says we will get married before the end of this year. This makes me happy as this is one of my goals for this year but at the back of my mind…am wondering if I am not wasting me time waiting for this guy…

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And then,while waiting,is there anything I am expected to do to make this woman maybe get to know me better…I feel like asking her what I did or why she does not like me…my guy says its not that she does not like me …but that she does not know me well enough…

What should I do now….should I just be myself and hope for the best?

Please advice me…


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  1. Hello,

    You need to ask your boo what his mother means by saying: God will give you your own husband…that statement simply means…you are not the one for my son

    And my dear….that is a redflag…why does she think you are not the one for her son? You need to know why…and until then,I think you need to suspend that relationship.

    It just shows the mother will have a say in who this guy will marry….and you dont want that drama

    Let the guy convince his mother before you go back..and you do not have to do anything to make her like you…just be yourself.

    Remove yourself from this drama…its too early and you are not stuck on this guy…let him sort his mother and let her be ready to accept you with open arms and without reservation before you ever go back to her son

    Be wise…this is not looking good no matter how you paint the picture….its up to your guy to sort this out or you bounce.



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