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My Aunty’s Husband Needs Deliverance From Small Small Girls

Good Morning ma,

Please I want you people to advice me on what to do.

I am living with my aunty and her husband here in Lagos. There are the one sponsoring my education. I work for them too. They have big big supermarket here in lagos.

The problem is my uncle is a big flirt. He dey f-uck all the small small girls in our shops.

He do this thing,everybody is aware. I am very surprised. Infact,I am very angry with he.

I have been living with them since I came from village last year. I cannot close my eye to this evil.

I want to tell my aunty but some people tell me not to tell her that she will drive me away and I will be the one to loose.

Now,there is one girl that is like 16years. The girl is working as a sells girl in our shop in lekki. I like this girl and I have been seeing how I will take talk to her. Now,its like my uncle is f-cking her too.

I am tire of all this. small girl of 16years?Na wa o.

Plz ma,what should I do?

From Ernest,


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  1. Hello Ernest,

    In as much as what your Uncle is doing is wrong,I think you should mind your business.

    If you love your aunt so much and want to help her,send her an anonymous tip ,….dont involve yourself directly. If you do,you might end up getting sent back to the village or accused of trying to break up their home.

    The man needs help….I pray he gets it before its too late.

    All the best!


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