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Money Issues: How Do I Handle The Situation With My In-laws?

Good day ma,

I am a member of LS. Been going through each and every chat and also learning a lot. But l have few questions please. And also some advice

I am married for almost six years and my husband is not working. Since then, I do almost everything in the house that to even take care of my parent in terms of need I can’t.

But he always do it to his people. To the extend he said to his sisters to inform me of some money he sent to them, they said he is the head of the house, none of them told or called me till date. (What she means is,the husband spends her money,gives to his siblings and tells his siblings to call his wife to acknowledge the money but they refuse to,claiming he is the head of the home).

I always informed him anytime I got alert, we all spend the salary together. Always leave on credit at the end of every month. I sometimes give him my entire salary.

In this situation, what will I do because his people are like I don’t want to give what ever they want.


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  1. Hello dear,

    If I understand you clearly,I think you should not be bothering about what anyone is saying about you not giving them,when in fact,the giving is from you.

    You are a good woman. Thank you for supporting your husband. But is he not planning to get a job or start a business?

    I think both of you need to sit down and plan your finances. Talk about how he can begin to contribute financially as the head of the home.

    No matter how small,let him do something to earn money.

    As for his people,when they call you,tell them,whatever they got from their brother is from both of you.

    Even if they do not appreciate you…don’t worry…do it as unto God.

    God bless you both and prosper you even in the coming year.


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