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Marrying Her Is A Taboo But I Love Her: Please Advice!

Good morning lovely house,

Please advice me on this issue. I am dating a girl up to a year plus now and I said to her that I will marry her at the end of her national diploma and she said yes to me.

But now I have found out that I cannot marry her after my inquiries that my people doesn’t marry them.Note, from the history nobody from my place have not married from there before and those that violated it ended up dying on timely.

Please what should I do. Please this post is very important to me



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  1. Hello,

    This is why I say marriage is not for everyone. If you are asking questions like this…questions about why you cannot marry someone because of culture,then you should not marry at all.

    Personally,I feel culture is man made and anything man made is not a rule for me. That is my personal opinion….not everyone will agree but that is me.

    If the problem was that you were of different religion…that I can agree cos you cannot serve God and mammon at the same time.

    This culture thing is deep…for many people….there is nothing wrong in marrying her….especially if both of you are born again Christians but if you fear or acknowledge that culture….your fear will attack your mind and possibly bring the evil that you already fear.

    The Osu caste system is an obnoxious practice among the Igbos -in Nigeria-which has refused to go away despite the impact of Christianity, modern education and civilization, and the human rights culture.

    The Osu caste system is an ancient practice in Igboland that discourages social interaction and marriage with a group of persons called Osu

    My brother,its up to you…God made all men equal….none is higher than the other…but if you believe your culture more..please free this girl and marry someone your culture allows you to.


  2. Comment: through but that is a superstitions that people belived and if u do too leave the babe alone if not then f**k it and marry her. cheers

  3. This is one of the reasons relationship should be in a Godly way void of unnecessary romances (formication) until you have the approval and blessings of both families ( i.e yours and your would be wife). This step is the only right step as you will know everything (traditionally) before late.Don’t be deceived by any person some African traditions are spiritual (covenants) , your ancestors and by extension you are a party. You can not just do it whether you think you’re modernized or not. Such change are done in a righteous way and with total submissiveness to God. That is, if you did not fornicate with her, both of you should pray, table your intension to both families, if it is God’s Will, your parents will pray and break the covernant. The two families and your spiritual leaders (pastor/ imam) must come together, agreed and bless the marriage.

  4. Comment:please listen… battling with culture laws and traditions takes a pain especially for a Christian….if it had been in ur culture to not marry from them side. please don’t…. Now please listen, please listen… Good has the power to break all forms of foundational laws ND rules… but it takes a lot of prayer, fasting, prayer again and again and it’s when the two of u agree to break this curse together…. But if u re not spiritually equipped ND ready and you then venture into it, u will regret it o.


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