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How Running A Successful Business Is Ruining My Marriage

I do not want to loose my marriage but this marriage has become more of a fighting ground than any picture of a happy home. I feel tired of arguing. He never wants to see any good in anything I do.

The Perfect Prayer To Get The Devil Out Of Your Marriage

What you learn in marriage is that it doesn’t matter how bad or even how great you begin your marriage, there is one thing every marriage will run into. John 10:10 tells it to us very plainly.

Billionaire, E-Money’s Wife Reveals Why He’s Never Cheated On Her

Marriage it’s not easy. It’s not a bed of roses likewise it’s not a torn of flesh. We shouldn’t compare our spouse to any other family. We should always support them no matter the situation then our marriage will be rosy

What You Should Never Do With Men Other Than Your Husband

Even if you don’t feel like you need to hide your interactions; sharing jokes and back and forth dialogue could create a bond between the two of you that’s dangerous. This applies to talking to men online as well. 

Something Weird Is Going On:My Husband & Our Pregnant Neighbor

I feel this woman is very insensitive...I am a woman like her...I am newly wed..she should understand her boundaries...or maybe she is intentionally trying to make me angry?

Four Ways to Bring Out Your Hubby’s Romantic Side

Even helping others can get in the way.” That is the cry of a man who just wants to spend more quality, romantic time with his wife. What an irony, considering that most women pine for the same thing!

The 8 Biggest Mistakes Couples Make Their First Year of Marriage

Not being totally honest with your spouse about finances could involve leaving out small loans you’ve taken from your friends, the fact that your dad bought your vehicle instead of you,

Is There Something Wrong With Our S*x Life?- Please Help!

I don't know if is because he doesn't want a baby now or because he is still learning the act that why it is like this or I should give it more time.

Why “Just” Praying For Your Marriage Doesn’t Work

Just praying for your marriage is unacceptable and only part of the equation when God is demanding you to take action!

My Sister’s Husband Rejected Her After Traditional Wedding In Nigeria

hey tried to get him to accept her but he refused saying he was married. But there was no woman around him. For almost three months,this guy refused to accept my sister

When Your Spouse Receives Too Much Attention from the Opposite S*x

All of this can be innocent enough or it can be playing with fire. How should we navigate these social waters? What should we do if we receive friendly attention from the opposite s*x

Why Making Your Wife Compete With Your Mother Is A Bad Idea

If you don’t know by now, having your wife compete with your mother is a bad idea. It’s not your sole responsibility but you play a part in ending the mother-in-law drama.

My Wife Gave All Our Life Savings To God -What Should I Do?

When your wife gives your entire lifesaving to a church and says she sowed it as a seed to the church. What do you do as a husband?

Making Marriage Work – Lazy Marriage :You Are What You Do

When it comes to their own marriage relationship, there’s nothing. They leave it to “what comes natural,” which essentially means that they do little to nothing about it.

Making Marriage Work-Here’s How to Treat Your Husband Like a King

He is the product of your wonderful independent choice. See the things you do for him as an investment in your beautiful future together.

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