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Marriage Insights-Doing Your Wife And Letting Your Wife Do You

Sometimes your wife wants you to do her. Not make love, not have s*x…but do her. And sometimes your wife wants to do you, too.

Talking About S*x When You’re Married -Marriage Insights!

If you do not want to create more problems in your s*x life, don't purchase any s*x advice books or s*x toys without discussing the issue with your spouse first.

MENDED: How to Repair Your Marriage Before it Breaks

This couple spent 17 years growing apart before Tiffany strayed. Is there something that could have been done earlier so that they didn’t have to go through this pain?

Be Careful Who You Pray For in a Spouse -Relationship Help!

They prayed for a man who is a good father, even to another man’s child, yet they complain that he doesn’t discipline the children like they do.

Gabriel Olatunji-Legend: Confessions of a S*x-Starved Relationship Expert

They think this way because that’s actually the reason most people get married, but take it away from the equation and what many call chemistry will turn to physics, and they will remain single-ever-after instead of happily married ever after.

4 Ways to Protect Your Husband…Because He Needs It Too

Pray for your husband and with your husband. His life, his choices and his spirit all need to be lifted up constantly. You can pray that in his role as a husband he always feels loved and supported.

When Happily-Ever-After is Not Enough- Marriage Help.

I reached out to the women who enjoyed marriages that I wanted to emulate. And do you know what these women did? They helped me see how selfishly I had been loving my husband.

When Your Husband Says: ”Just Tell Me What To Do”

We’re even prepared to submit ourselves to doing what we would prefer not to do to keep our wives happy. And many times, we’re confounded as to why this frustrates our wives

Reasons Why Your Wife Doesn’t Want to Have S*x

You don’t really want HER; you just want release. And you may even be thinking about those images when you’re with her!

The Importance Of Apologizing In Relationships -Relationship Help!

I must apologize to my mate because I know he didn’t try and hurt me intentionally. And if I hurt him because I am in pain, well when I have soothed myself

He Won’t Take Me Out: 4 Ways to Solve the Date Night Dilemma

Truth be told, a healthy marriage and active date life require effort from both parties. It can’t simply come from one or the other (unless you both establish that that’s what works for you).

Hailey And Justin Bieber Are ‘Fighting’ To Do Marriage the ‘Right Way’

After a two-month long proposal, the couple were quick to tie the knot and secretly got married in September 2018 at an NYC courthouse. And since then, married life hasn’t been easy for the supermodel and pop star.

Keep Your Opposite-S*x Friendship From Going Too Far

Being a gentleman, you give her a sympathetic ear. In appreciation, she gives you attention and caring —perhaps more so than your wife. You find her flattering, and a nice little boost to your ego.

Nathaniel Bassey’s Wife Reveal Why She Frowns In The Mornings

The mother of two used the opportunity to tell her husband that the photo she shared explains what she goes through only for her husband to ask her what makes her frown in the morning.

Simi’s Birthday Message To Huuby,Adekunle Gold Is So Adorable

I know God knows how much I want you to shine and prosper and win and laugh and be happy, so I pray God grants my heart desires. Happy birthday Champ.

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