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Why Some Couples Can Recover After Cheating and Others Can’t

“I work on having people own their stuff. If they're willing to get out all their repressed stuff and learn how to communicate better, that certainly can be a help.”

18+:Things To Do When Your Husband Doesn’t Satisfy You In Bed

Don’t fake a headache, bang doors, lie you are on your periods, act like you don’t need him and push him away today then the next day you want him to make passionate love to you.

Man Reveals: How I Got Revenge On My Cheating Wife

That I had called out her name but she didn’t respond so I figured she was sleeping and since I wasn’t staying long I decided not to disturb. She believed me. She had to.

Ladies: What Does Your Husband Really Want From You?

One way to do this is by complimenting your husband often. Rather than over-doing it, make sure it's genuine and sporadic throughout the week

How To Be A Super Star Husband: The Act Of Initiation!

Serving at home. Instead of asking what needs to be done, look at the world through her eyes. Find things you can do that would be helpful to her and simply do them.

When Your Wife Says This, It’s Not A Good Thing (Trust Me)

It’s about trying to understand what they are really saying without saying it. And while it would make more sense for us all to be open and honest with the person we love the most, it doesn’t always work that way.

A Woman Shares Her Story Of Pain, Struggle,Courage & Victory

little did I know that the battle line was drawn from that day. He never concerned himself with anything relating to my studies. It was tough but I kept it going. Our relationship worsened and he wasn't anything near a great companion.

Marriage Turned To Polygamy & Hell Hole: Please Advice Me!

Since February this year,it has been turmoil. I cannot take this anymore. I refused to leave but right now,I think I have tried.

Strong Black Woman Baggage:Tips to Let Go & Find Intimacy In Marriage

trying to control all the aspects of your life and his; acting like you are not bothered when he does not speak to you in your love language.

Lovely Photos From Abbah Folawiyo’s Granddaughter’s Wedding

The bride, Oluwaseun is the first daughter of Prince Segun Awolowo, the Executive Director/CEO, Nigerian Exports Promotion Council and first grandson of the great Sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

How Trials Can Make Your Marriage Better – Marriage Help!

It’s tempting to focus on our mate’s sin when life gets hard. But it’s freeing that we haven’t been given the role of changing our spouse! God alone has that power and wisdom

Marriage Insights-Doing Your Wife And Letting Your Wife Do You

Sometimes your wife wants you to do her. Not make love, not have s*x…but do her. And sometimes your wife wants to do you, too.

Talking About S*x When You’re Married -Marriage Insights!

If you do not want to create more problems in your s*x life, don't purchase any s*x advice books or s*x toys without discussing the issue with your spouse first.

MENDED: How to Repair Your Marriage Before it Breaks

This couple spent 17 years growing apart before Tiffany strayed. Is there something that could have been done earlier so that they didn’t have to go through this pain?

Be Careful Who You Pray For in a Spouse -Relationship Help!

They prayed for a man who is a good father, even to another man’s child, yet they complain that he doesn’t discipline the children like they do.

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