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When Your Husband Doesn’t Care About Your Emotional Needs

Make your man feel incompetent and irrelevant, and he very well may retreat. I’m not saying that’s right–I’m just saying that’s what happens, again and again.

My Situation Forced Me To Beg But My Husband Calls Me A Prostitute

In short,I don't care if he send me away,he is a coward that cannot take care of his family.What good is there by staying in this marriage?

Michelle Obama Says She And Barack Went To Couples Therapy

 I feel vulnerable all the time. And I had to learn how to express that to my husband, to tap into those parts of me that missed him — and the sadness that came from that — so that he could understand.

I Regret Marrying Billionaire Aku – Ex Beauty Queen, Dabota Lawson

But I said to them and myself NO!! I’m not soooo thankful, I wish I made better decisions and was careful before getting involved with certain things and certain people . I wish I could see the future of how some of my poor decisions will stay hunting me , because  they actually do

Bride Looks Unhappy As Parents Accept 500 Cows As Dowry

The expensive dowries were offered by a business tycoon, Kok Alat, who was one of the many competitors who wanted to have her hand in marriage.

Popular Christian Film Maker- Mike Bamiloye’s First Son Weds

The first son of popular christian drama series ministers got married to his heartthrob yesterday. The proud parents Mike & Gloria Bamilye were on ground

Pics & Vids From Tinsel Stars Linda Ejiofor’s & Ibrahim Suleiman Wedding

Tinsel Stars Linda Ejiofor’s & Ibrahim Suleiman celebrated their wedding today. It was a star studded event. The Bride's best friend,Adesua serenaded her friend today.

Pastor Chris’ Daughter Carissa Sharon Shares Date Night Pic With Hubby

The first daughter of popular pastor,Carissa Oyakhilome Frimpong who got married last month  in a lavishly celebrated wedding to her Ghanaian husband,Phillip Frimpong

When An Emotional Affair Becomes Just As Damaging As Cheating

Feelings of inadequacy settle in with a sense of loss that is difficult to mend, and ultimately hurts the level of marriage intimacy you can maintain.

My Husband Does Not Get Tired: He ”Bothers” Me Everyday.

The other day,I told him if it can be like tow or three times a week but he says any man that does not do it every day is doing it outside.

Making Marriage Work- S*x In Marriage: An Obstacle With A Solution

They need to reclaim their intimacy slowly by communicating and talking openly to each other, thus reconnecting and revitalizing the passion that once existed.

How to Reconnect With Your Spouse After A Fight

We step outside ourselves and perhaps even smile, knowing we are in a mood and incapable of clear thinking.

Rapper, Eldee & Wife Celebrates 10th Year Wedding Anniversary

I remember saying “I do” and meaning it. I’m happy today but honestly Today really feels like everyday with you and the girls. Filled with peace, happiness, love, support and laughter.

Truck Driver Marries His Fiancee With His Truck In Plateau (Photos)

Congratulations to the number one young, educated tipper driver of Ptown Deshi Wutung Manaseh, aka Brazil and his bride on their wedding day. May God bless your new home.

Childless For Seven Years- My Friend Wants To Leave Her Marriage

Now the husband's family are on her neck ( the husband's family are putting pressure on her to have a baby) and because of that,she wants to quit (leave the marriage)

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