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Marriage Revelation: Why I Have To Marry An Older Woman?

Good day ma,

Please help me ask this question in the house. I am 39 years old. Successful young man with good job and car. My younger ones are all married except me. Being a man,everyone has been on my case to find someone and settle down.

Truth is,its my desire to be married too. I have been in several relationships and none worked out. The last relationship even lasted 9 months. Which is like the longest I ever had. I do not know what is wrong. I am seriously bothered.

I would like to find someone and be married before I am 40 years old. Which is next year but I am not in a relationship with anyone. My brother in-law is a pastor. He and my sister have been fasting and praying for me.

After the prayers,my brother in-law gave me a revelation: that God said that the woman that I must marry must be someone older than me. I was shocked because I am someone who desires to marry someone who I am at least 3 years older than.

I have never desired an older lady. I do not have anything against them but they are not in the picture for me. My brother in-law says if I marry someone younger,the marriage will not work.

Ha…I refused to accept this revelation but my family is religious,they are worried for me. I do not have anyone at the moment…does this mean that I have to start looking for an older lady to marry?

My previous relationships one thing I noticed is that my personality is one that I do not like disrespect. These young girls sometimes they do not know how to give respect…maybe that why the revelation says I should marry older woman?…will an older woman give the respect that a younger one cannot give?

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Does God dictate the age of the person one must marry?  I started talking with someone last week. Nothing yet but she is someone I would like to ask out on a date but she is not older than me…please what would you advise me to do: should I  discontinue talking with her or what….

I am confused…older woman….how much older…but why would God say such a thing….has anyone been in a similar situation before…how did you go through this?


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  1. Hello,

    There are people who have very personal relationships with God and God can be very specific about things in their lives.

    I know people who God was as specific as the skin colour or height of a spouse they got married to.

    My take is: if God told someone to tell you…He God can also talk to you or make sure you have peace and assurance on the revelation you got through someone else.

    There is nothing wrong in marrying an older woman. Just pray and ask God for His perfect will to be done in your life with regards to marry. His perfect will is that irrespective of the individual;s look or anything, that person will be His perfect will for you.

    Perhaps you are too picky hence your regular break ups in relationships…work on yourself…develop emotional intelligence…have an open mind…Let God lead the best person to you.

    I do not know if what your brother in-law told you is true…what I know is,pray heartfelt prayer to God…God will confirm what the pastor brother-in law said or He will show you a different part.

    Whichever way…let God’s perfect will and plan be fulfilled on your life.


  2. Get close to God. Build an intimate relationship with God.

    Learn to pray for yourself. Pray to God concerning who is supposed to your wife and let God speak to you as well.

    Don’t just act based on what someone else tells you. Get a confirmation from God that it is his will for you to marry an older woman. When you pray, you will get the right answers to your question.

  3. Don’t build your life, marriage and future on prophecies. If God can speak to him, you also can hear from God. The bible said ‘he that findth a wife, findth a good thing and obtained favour from the Lord ” so the reverse shouldn’t be the case here. Never you settle less of your expectations because it’s something meant to enjoy and cherished for the rest of your life. Please don’t marry out of pity, all you need to do is to get yourself more exposed to events where you can see and interact with ladies. Make some connections, and more so how to become every woman’s dream. And if you have some character traits, you have to work on it, don’t be seen as one who will lord it over them. Women despise such men.


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