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Man Kneels To Propose In Public But Forgot The Ring -LOLs

A guy has had to face the biggest embarrassment of his life after the moment that was supposed to be a quite memorable and romantic turned out to be a rather embarrassing and disappointment.

This turn of events was caused by the gentleman who was ready to spend the rest of his life with his partner and to prove this, he decided to propose to her and even show the world how serious he is by doing so in a public place but unfortunately for him, he forgot the ring he was going to use.

He had already bent the knee and was ready to pop the question when he discovered that he was without the ring he was going to place on the finger of his partner.



































Putting his hands on his heads in dismay, the gentleman is seen begging the lady as onlookers ask her to say ‘yes’ while the photographer who was meant to capture the lovely moment continued with his job regardless of the situation on ground.

Watch Video below:

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