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Love: How I Chose What Is Best For Everyone But Myself

I was engaged to be married to someone from a very prominent home. His family did not like me because of my social status. My parents were Teachers and farmers….they were rich and into oil and gas business.  But that did not stop us. We were in a relationship for almost 7 years.

It came to a point,we started planning to relocate to get married. I loved Marcel with all my heart. He was my first and I will never stop loving him. He and I used to dream of our lives together. Well,until someone set him up. I do not know if its his family or just mere coincidence but someone set him with drugs.

Marcel was caught at a foreign airport with drugs. It was a devastating year for me. I had no means to find out how to help him. His family did not tell me anything. I prayed and prayed for him,for God to deliver him. That was how years past. One time,I got rumors from his family that he was tried and executed. My life was over.

It took me several years to get over Marcel. I never really did. I met my husband three years ago. A nice,kind and gentle man. He loves me and life has been good. By the grace of God,I have a son. I own a hair salon and I am doing good. An old friend comes to my shop and tells me that she saw Marcel a few months ago.

Marcel is back? From the dead…how? When she told me,I became week. I could not think. All I was asking was how can this be? I doubted her story. Maybe she saw someone who looked like him…after all,she did not go to talk to him to confirm he was really the one.

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The days that followed,made me very restless. I just couldn’t stop thinking about Marcel. One morning, I got into a taxi and went,to Marcel’s house. I got there,and told the gate man that I was looking for Marcel,that I am here to deliver a parcel from abroad and can only deliver to Marcel in person.

When Marcel showed up,he first looked at me ad did not recognize me. He looked at me like a stranger. When I said: Mace baby…his eyes lit up…he then called my name: Mercy?…yes..yes…I hugged him. He hugged me back. He and I began to cry. The gateman was looking at us.

We went inside his home. He began to tell me how he had lost his memory when he was tortured in foreign jail. He was released a year ago with most of his memory gone. He only remembered he had a fiancee who’s name was Mercy and she called him Macy baby. His family did not want to tell him about me. They said I had gotten married and left the country.

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Its been four months since Marcel got back. To be honest,he has my heart. We rekindled our love. I find myself cheating on my husband. Its been very difficult trying to hide my affair…. I probably should ask for a divorce but I am thinking about my son. But the strangest thing is: I love my husband. Yes,I love him too.

My husband began to suspect something is going on. He asked me and I broke down,crying …told him the whole truth. He says he does not blame me. He is angry I am cheating on him but he will never let me go cos he signed for better or worse. He is such a noble man.I cannot thank God for him.

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My husband went and had a discussion with Marcel. Asked him to leave me alone so I can focus on our marriage and our son. Marcel called me to tell me its over. He does not want to be the cause of a break up that will affect my son growing up. I have been crying ever since. I know its the best for everyone but is this the best for me?

I would never be really complete knowing Marcel is out there…living and free while I am alive and well….I would not know what to do is truly not fair….please advice me…





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  1. Hello Mercy,

    Your love story is quite touching…

    Like you said: life can be unfair

    My advice is: stick with your husband…Marcel is your past…let him remain so

    Sometimes,love means putting others (including your son) needs before yours.

    You love your husband…cultivate that love…let it blossom and live life fully in content of your blessings:you have a good man and a son…many do not have what you have

    Marcel is a dream…let him move on

    You can be truly happy ….make a conscious decision to let the past go and open a new chapter in your life

    God bless you.


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