Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Lions without dress

Wife: listen, shall we go to watch the circus ???

Husband : No……… I m busy..

Wife : it seems there’s a girl riding on a lion without dress …!!!!!

Husband : you have become very stubborn …. in everything you want to be stubborn …..
okay ..let’s go ..anyway i’ve not seen a lion for a long time ….!!!!!???

The rest of the story …

Husband & wife went to watch the circus. Husband had even bought the front row seats … ?

Lion show started ….and also got over …but no girl without dress ..Soon, the entire Circus show was over…

Husband : you told me there is a show where a girl comes without dress?

Wife : i said a lion without dress, not girl ……..

You MUST read it again.. ??? !!!!

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