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Spirit Husbands & Spirit Wives: My Experience So Far!

I have gone for deliverance too. But it appears there is nothing one can really do about it. The dreams can only reduce but not totally gone because its a blood oath and its forever.

My Dad Was The Happiest Man On My Wedding Day: Says Bam Bam

"My dad is the happiest man in the world. I love you deep and wide Father. Your selflessness, kindness and support is unparalleled. God bless and keep you long for me."

September 10th,2019 Is World’s Suicide Prevention Day!

We will not judge you,we will hold your hand and help you through this...suicide is not the only make those who love you suffer....and the world still needs you.

7 Strategies To Manage Horny Nature As A Christian Single

it is unwise to spend time with people who don’t share your values because in spending time with them you needlessly expose ourselves to the same temptation repeatably.

Ladies,Heads Up:You’re Not Too Much, He’s Just Not Enough

There’s nothing wrong with knowing what you want, and demanding it. There’s nothing wrong with falling apart sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with being weak and needy and not knowing what you want at all.

Am I Too Picky When It Comes To Finding A Husband?

When someone is of good character, they’re more likely to work hard at a job. They’ll take responsibility for kids. They’ll put family first and want to be involved in all aspects of the family life.

Woman:How Love Helped Her Marriage To Overcome Physical Faults

I struggled with my weight, and he struggled with the pride of letting that hairline go. But regardless of how I felt about it, I didn’t allow vanity to alter the possibility of what could be”.

Troubled Relationship?Got Dumped?It Doesn’t Have To Happen Again

learn how to balance being elusive and being accessible. It is tricky and probably seems tacky, but that is the best way to remain relevant.

Don’t Fake Anything in Relationship & Marriage Says Godwin Ogwuche

we want to be perceived as famous and someone of renown.  This motivation to be rich and famous overnight and the perception that we have for others to know that of us is the reason we do many unsavory stuff.

Happy Birthday To Lively Stones Member: Kayode Oladele!

Happy birthday to a wonderful Lively Stones member. Mr. Kayode Oladele has been a very supportive member of Lively Stones. Join us to wish him a very happy birthday.

Uloma’s Bridal Shower Was A Happy Yellow Event!

1st of June,2019 was a day for friends of the stunning brie to be to come together for a bridal shower in honor of their friend,Uloma

Hey…What Are You Going Through? Oyindamola Says:’Hang In There’

There's no point drinking poisonous concoction Depression shouldn't swallow your emotion Hang in there, while He brings the best solution

‘More Than A Wedding’- A Poem By Oyindamola Adefunke

Marriage is more than a wedding The feelings can't forever be steady The aftermath of a wedding Is more than the extravagant dressing

Nigerian Lady Weds US Based Fiancee Via Video Call

This is true love as my pretty cousin got married two days ago to the love of her life through Video call because her husband stays in the USA and couldn’t make it

Share Your Views:Are Nigerian Men Intimidated By Strong Women?

A woman is not supposed to blaze trails that men and women alike follow. But while we acknowledge these truths, it is also important to recognize what a strong woman is.

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