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Reminder: You’ll Never Be Good Enough For The Wrong People

They see your flaws and they love them anyway. Your quirks make an appearance and these people still think you’re lovely. These are your kind of people

Ladies: Why Do We Think We Can Change “Bad Boys”?

But if it’s just that he’s quiet, or he doesn’t share his emotions, or he can be thoughtless sometimes–maybe that’s how he is. And you promised to love him.

Complain With Me Or Join My Train:The Rot Starts & Stops With Us

There is this teenager who life has not even given a chance as she was born with a terminal disease yet she lives each day like she has a thousand more to live.

How To Meet Men When You Don’t Go Out Much by Lape Soetan

Changing your routine changes the way you think and it also brings you in contact with new sets of people.  This means that you’ll make more friends,

Tall Lady Details Her Struggles To Find Love Because Of Her Height

“One of the main struggles I face is finding clothes to fit my extremely long legs. Not many shops offer tall sections and if they do there is not much choice.

Surprising Mood Killers In Marriage That Mean S*x Is Cancelled

Your libido declines and requires extra work to be revved up. And on the rare occasion you are both rearing to go, just about anything can get in the way

Why My Husband And I Live In Separate Houses -Lady Explains

We live together. We share one home together. I take a few days out of the week to sleep at MY place because we both appreciate the peace and a break. How is this not a simple?

One Day,I Will Marry An Older Woman- Everybody Deal With It!

She was ready to marry me after much convincing but my mother and sister kept making her uncomfortable

Bride Looks Unhappy As Parents Accept 500 Cows As Dowry

The expensive dowries were offered by a business tycoon, Kok Alat, who was one of the many competitors who wanted to have her hand in marriage.

Nigerian Lady Called Out For Not Being Married At 33 Replies Critics

Another Twitter user wrote: “I can’t find a ring on those fingers, just saying ni oo.” Similar criticisms kept rolling in until the lady shut them all up with a single tweet.

Uganda President Called Out For Saying Men Should Not Cook

“When cooking, cleaning and doing other domestic chores are left to women, they are denied an equal chance to raise incomes or to be politically active.”

My House Maid Almost Broke My Marriage To Steal My Husband

but it can be deduced from the little written in English that in the quest to become the next wife, the maid allegedly launched a plan to destroy her marriage

How I Used S*x As A Weapon To Stop Men From Leaving Me

I was quite s*xually active before I met my husband. But he was a decent guy and said no s*x before marriage. Even though I didn't like it,I was not going to loose a good man

Falz Reveals The Two Features He Wants In A Woman

“I am still looking for the right woman, even though I am not really searching for a wife but when the time comes, I would know. When it comes to my ideal lady, I am more concerned about intellect.

”Careless”Nigerian Man Searches For A Wife On Twitter, Lists Attributes

The young man identified as Nuruddeen on the social media platform wrote that he is “careless”; a feature that drew the attention of many on Twitter.

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