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Return To Your Mother’s House If You Are Not A Virgin-Man Declares!

According to Tayo, women who lost their virginity before meeting their husband should go back to their parents house.

Man Marries Tall Bride Who Turned Him Down Years Ago For Being Short

According to him, he approached and requested that she danced with him, but she refused saying she doesn’t dance with short people.

Wedding Stopped Over Bridesmaid & Groomsman’s Seductive Dance

uring the dance, one of the bridesmaids stepped forward with one groomsman and as they danced the bridesmaid twerked while the groomsman ground his hips against hers.

Guard Your Soul,S*x Is Spiritual : Says Ghanaian Model

A wise African woman said to me once “As a woman , It is not how many times you have s*x but how many men you have s*x with that makes the difference

Meghan Markle Looks Amazing At Hamilton Event With Prince Harry

Since then, they've been enjoying a Summer break, but on Wednesday, their dedication to Sentebale (one of Harry's charities) brought the royal couple out again.

I Cancelled My Wedding After I Caught My Fiance Watching Porn

“At first, I thought it was some sick joke. It never occurred to me that pornography addiction would ever leak into my life or affect me in such a deep and excruciating way.”

5 Things Single Christians Should Do During Their Single Season

You can’t fully enjoy the benefits of being single because always, in the back of your mind, you’re nagging some sense of inferiority, this irrational dread that you’ll somehow be alone forever,

Double duchess! Kate & Meghan Watch Serena Williams Lose Wimbledon

the duchesses watched animatedly as Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal battled for the men's singles title in a five-set match which kept audiences on the edge of their seats.

Royal Family All Troop Out To Honor British Air Force Centenary

The Queen, 92, looked up in wonder at the aeronautical display, which celebrated the history of the RAF and featured the return of Second World War aircraft including the Spitfires and Lancaster bombers.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Look So in Love in London

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made another royal appearance on Thursday, stepping out to the Marlborough House in London, England, with the biggest smiles on their faces and displaying minor PDA.

Amazing:Burn Survivor gets amazing Makeover for her Wedding Day

Makeup artist Edeh Racheal of @Zizamakeover has just shared some heartwarming photos of the amazing makeover she did for a burn survivor on her wedding day. The photos have been trending online with several people having the same reaction to the makeover – joy.

Proposing To A Lady In Her 30s Is Not Engagement But A Rescue Mission

It is a widely known fact that 21st century women love the idea of marriage and recently, some men are of the opinion that they are actually doing the ladies a favour

My children can bear my wife’s surname, man says

“Culturalists may argue for order. But in an advanced world, these things work perfectly with digitalized administrative documentation. When my kids become adults, they should be able to denounce Ụmụeri and identify Akọkwa or Ihiala or Mbaise or wherever their mother hails from as their native town.

Let’s Settle This Once And For All – Is Kissing a Sin?

I am not sure it is the same now. Plus between you and God, can you even give someone you love and are attracted to a holy kiss? Can you?

Trust Issues: How I’m Overcoming My Trust Issues With Men

The trust I had in him was shattered—and my trust in my own ability to judge someone’s character also took a hit. In my pain, I vowed that no one would ever hurt me like that again.

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