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My children can bear my wife’s surname, man says

“Culturalists may argue for order. But in an advanced world, these things work perfectly with digitalized administrative documentation. When my kids become adults, they should be able to denounce Ụmụeri and identify Akọkwa or Ihiala or Mbaise or wherever their mother hails from as their native town.

Let’s Settle This Once And For All – Is Kissing a Sin?

I am not sure it is the same now. Plus between you and God, can you even give someone you love and are attracted to a holy kiss? Can you?

Trust Issues: How I’m Overcoming My Trust Issues With Men

The trust I had in him was shattered—and my trust in my own ability to judge someone’s character also took a hit. In my pain, I vowed that no one would ever hurt me like that again.

Is My Husband and I Not Compatible?..Too Tight Versus Too Soon.

I used to think men love it tight. Infact,I have read that some women go and do surgery to tighten themselves. And here,my own husband is complaining that I am tight!

Are You Having an Emotional Affair with Your ‘Work Spouse’?

You feel like it is not “real cheating” because you would never physically cheat, or there’s a big age gap or any seemingly plausible, but actually entirely superficial excuse because if you’re emotionally closer to someone besides your partner, there is an issue.

Danish aid worker, Loven, reveals what a hospital told her pregnant staff

Maternal mortality is unacceptably high. About 830 women die from pregnancy- or childbirth-related complications around the world every day due to very poor conditions.

Lady cries out as man threatens to leak her nude photos online

The lady who feels the man stays abroad has gone intimate with the man to the extent of sending him her nude photos because she foresees a relationship with him.

How I conquer the urge to be with a man at lonely nights –...

Yes! I’m still a virgin and a talented actress. It may be hard to believe… but that’s the truth. Majority of people out there think that virgins doesn’t exist in Nollywood… That’s why it may be hard to believe, but on the contrary I am one.

Emotional bride breaks down in tears at her wedding in Benue

Bride Miss Nguemo Agera from Benue state, had long-awaited the day she could marry her fiance Mr Terver from Mase people of Gwer East, and when she finally was to proceed with her handover, she broke down in tears.

How Long Should S*x Last? Definitely More Than Two Minutes!

When we have no language to talk about s*x, then the only way we know what s*x is supposed to be like is through our own personal experience. So if you’re a man getting married, and you have intercourse, and it feels really good, and it’s over in two minutes, you likely think, “that’s what’s supposed to happen if s*x feels good!”

Eva Bozimo: Women are not Rehab Centres for Badly Behaved Men

In other words, being a man requires no accountability or growth, only freedom. While he imposes respectability and wifely duties on his niece.

So You Are In Love With A Married Woman…Or So You Think?

You worry because of what he might do to her if he finds out about her cheating. You worry when you don’t hear from her. You worry when you are together in case you are caught.

Gov. Ambode leads walk against s*xual and gender based violence

Lagos State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode alongside his wife, Bonlanle Ambode and other important dignatiries participated in a Symbolic Walk Against Sexual and Gender Based Violence

Playing the Ostrich with S*x: Is This Subject Over Rated?

e have a 24 hour day; if you marry someone on the basis of a thirty minutes activity, what would you be doing with the remaining 23 hours 30 minutes?

South African lady reveals why she married her old white husband

A South African lady, who owns Twitter account @ZimeMsomi, took to the platform to share a photo with her white lover and indirectly disclosed her reason for marrying him.

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