Emotional bride breaks down in tears at her wedding in Benue

Bride Miss Nguemo Agera from Benue state, had long-awaited the day she could marry her fiance Mr Terver from Mase people of Gwer East, and when she finally was to proceed with her handover, she broke down in tears.

How Long Should S*x Last? Definitely More Than Two Minutes!

When we have no language to talk about sex, then the only way we know what sex is supposed to be like is through our own personal experience. So if you’re a man getting married, and you have intercourse, and it feels really good, and it’s over in two minutes, you likely think, “that’s what’s supposed to happen if sex feels good!”

Eva Bozimo: Women are not Rehab Centres for Badly Behaved Men

In other words, being a man requires no accountability or growth, only freedom. While he imposes respectability and wifely duties on his niece.

So You Are In Love With A Married Woman…Or So You Think?

You worry because of what he might do to her if he finds out about her cheating. You worry when you don’t hear from her. You worry when you are together in case you are caught.

Gov. Ambode leads walk against sexual and gender based violence

Lagos State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode alongside his wife, Bonlanle Ambode and other important dignatiries participated in a Symbolic Walk Against Sexual and Gender Based Violence

Playing the Ostrich with S*x: Is This Subject Over Rated?

e have a 24 hour day; if you marry someone on the basis of a thirty minutes activity, what would you be doing with the remaining 23 hours 30 minutes?

South African lady reveals why she married her old white husband

A South African lady, who owns Twitter account @ZimeMsomi, took to the platform to share a photo with her white lover and indirectly disclosed her reason for marrying him.

I Keep Dreaming About My Dream Man But In Reality…

After my wedding, my life changed completely. It was almost like I had forgotten how to smile. I couldn’t handle my husband or my in-laws

Don’t let your erection destroy your financial direction: Relationship expert

relationship system where a guy must pay a girl a monthly salary else she starts threatening to leave is absolute rubbish, and that the men should let those type of girls go.

Young Lady Under the Influence of Sexual Juju,cries for help!

He then climbed on me,removed my underwear and I didnt even reject. He had his fill of me and asked me to dress up and leave his office.

Crush on a Coworker: How to Handle a Coworker Crush Like an Adult

Preferably friends outside of the workplace. I mean, it’s okay to talk to someone from work, but if word spreads, then you may get yourself into trouble before anything even started.

Men’s Corner: Is Your Wife’s Best Friend – A Friend or a Foe?

Yet, engaging in a direct conflict of any sort, with your wife or with her best friend, is not a good solution in this case. Instead, try to gain from this situation.

The Struggles of Relationships with a Big Age Difference

You might not be able to convince them to take your relationship seriously right away, but you can show them that you yourself are completely serious about it.

Widow Turned Bus Conductor To Survive,Deals With Lagos ‘Agberos’

She longs for the old days when being a conductor was rewarding and inspired politeness from customers as opposed to what currently obtains.

Nigerian Men Rush S.x And Rarely Stop to Please Their Women

Before sex, a woman will want the man to start with talk even if the talk is not relevant but she just needs your attention.

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