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LSHangout Special Guest Is Popular Gospel Artist: KAYCEELYRIKZ

this special act is one of the hottest gospel artist trending in the Nigerian music space in very recent times. He is Kenechukwu Nwofor popularly known as KAYCEELYRIKZ.

LSHangout:Pastor & Relationship Therapist:Pastor Eliashib Ime-James

He is described as incurable optimist, passion personified, lover of God, family, work. A seasoned Pastor and Relationship Therapist.

LSHangout Guest Speaker Is TV Host & Sex Coach:Mrs Hannah Jonathan

Soulspiceo has coached hundreds of couples in Nigeria and all over the world. We dare say she has taken the bold to change the narrative on  sex especially in Africa.

LSHangout Guest Speaker Is Renowned Author& Coach:Kelechi Anyalechi

As a Life Coach, he has had the opportunity to coach personally high profile working and business professionals. He is regarded as one of Nigeria’s leading Goals Master Coach.

The Lively Stones Hangout: The 4th Edition Is Here!

making marriage work and long lasting (how to overcome challenges every step of your marital journey) making marriage work and enjoyable

My Wife/Baby Mama Is A Celebrity -She Cannot Be A Wife Material!

these women are working celebrities who are trying to work for the money. Some of these women keep late nights due to the nature of their jobs and make more monies than their husbands.

Lively Stones Is Thinking About You Today & Always!

Love cannot be restricted to one day on the calendar To that one who is feeling alone and un noticed, know that you are loved and remembered today and always.

Help Us Understand: Why Women Cannot Leave Certain Relationships?

Then he was like even if we don’t date can we be doing stuffs I pretended like I didn’t understand and just laughed..we talk everyday day….

It’s 2019…Happy New Year To Our Amazing Friends And Family

Let us shine the light even more in this new year.Happy New Year From Jzhane and the amazing team at Lively Stones Family 💕💕💕

Lively Stones Wishes You A Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Dear family,friends and fans: All of us at Lively Stones wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year in advance!

Pics & Videos From Lively Stones Fans Hangout -September Edition

So yesterday,we had our much anticipated Lively Stones Hangout for our fans! This was the third edition of our trade mark event. A quarterly hangout where we meet with our fans and have a great...

When Being A “Strong Woman” Becomes A Challenge

In my older years,I have found out that being strong its also okay to want to cry sometimes,its okay to ask for help,its okay to feel not so strong all the time...its okay to laugh and to live and to darn right breathe!

Nobody Plans To Cheat……How The Heck Did I Get Here!!!…

Now,you have told him how much you miss his touch. He actually sent you a picture of himself thinking about you. Now you realize that life may have been better if you had worked out the relationship with your ex.

Sister To Sister With Jzhane: Still Wondering Why You Are Still Single?

He would want to be with you and talk to you. He will discuss future plans with you. If he does not do any of these,you are just wasting your time. 

Video From Jzhane: Think Love,Support and Care,Less Judgemental

My encounter also got me thinking how we discourage people from sharing how their feelings in the name of religiosity. In this video,I encourage all to think about why we do these things and lets be more responsible and loving.

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