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It Was Revealed That He Is My Husband But My Faith Is Weak

Good afternoon ma,

I need your advise. Please post anonymously too. I am a born again Christian by the grace of God. Ever since I gave my life,I never gave my body to any man. Even when the pressure was much cos of age,I maintained myself.

Last year,a brother ,a very serious brother in church approached me for marriage. I used to wonder why he was not married cos age too was bot on his side.

The brother is like every woman’s dream for husband.  He is very careful, thoughtful and kind.very spiritual. He prays alot and encourages me to be a better Christian.

Our spiritual leaders have given their blessings too. My parents love him and I love him. Our engagement was very beautiful. He made sure it was memorable.

I have been dreaming of the day of our wedding. The day we would be allowed to make love and be ready to live the rest of our lives happily.

Until last week, my fiance  called me and said we needed to tall about something.  First, he knelt down and told me to forgive him for what he was going to tell me.

I became panicky. I kept asking him what it wrong. I was afraid that he was going to break up with me. I prayed and prayed under my breath. And the  he told me…

My fiance told me that he wanted to tell me the truth before we get married. He has a small manhood. He was born with a small one. He said he has tried everything medically but no headway. He has given himself to God for a miracle.

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This secret is what has kept him from getting married. He said the last lady he wanted to marry, left him when he told her. So he decided to be alone until God told him I am his wife.

He said another pastor confirmed it. I asked him does that mean we cant have a child, he said we can still have a child but intercourse will not be very enjoyable. I cried and cried. He said it’s ok if I want to break up but I should know that God told him am his wife.

To be honest,God also revealed to me in a dream that this is my husband. Now,I am confused and shattered. I feel hopeless. I have been reading and researching. Asking medical professionals. They all say the same thing.

If we marry,we can still have a child but not through intercourse, maybe through IVF. So, the only issue is,we may not be able to enjoy sex throughout our marriage.

My fiance said to me that he will permit me as a husband to pleasure itself howevr I want when we get married even if I want to make love to another man. That he will tell God that he gave me he permission. As long as I stay married to him and not reveal to anyone the issue.

My pastor’s wife gave me a revelation that God said I should not break up. That marriage is not all about sex. That she and her husband do not alwsy have sex cos he has erectile  dysfunction. He can produce sperm but cannot last long.That she uses sex toys to pleasure herself. The have 2 children though.

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I want to make up my mind to go on with the marriage but I am sad. My friend is advising against it. She says I will be tempted to cheat when we get married and even if my husband said he wont mind,he might change his mind later…by that time…it will be too late and I will be stuck in the marriage.

I am scared. I want to please God based on the many revelations I have received. I love my fiance…he is a very good man but I dont know what the future holds for us. I have fasted and prayed about this…

It seems God is still ok with me marrying my fiance but I am scared…cos I know if my faith cant carry it…i might fall…what do I do…please advise me..

I want to know if I go ahead if my faith can carry me when the challenges come later…will I be faithful..will I long for another man with a bigger organ?. Can I cope? Will change his mind about pleasuring myself other ways?…I also dont want to Miss the will of God for me…

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Please post,I know many believers are on your platform..let them pray for me and also advise me.

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  1. There are various ways to get sexual satisfaction aside manhood size, you can teach him to use his fingers, sex toys( just like your pastor’s wife said), he can give you a head. There are people who don’t reach orgasm by mere penetration. So if you know you love him and he loves you and you will have peace of mind with him, please go ahead and marry him. What will you gain if you marry a big d*** husband and and you don’t have peace in the home?

  2. From your story, You’ve done your research and known all needed to know in this situation, you love him and he loves you too, you share same beliefs with him.
    Coming to sex, both of you can be satisfied through other means like foreplays and the rest of them not only penetrative sex…..all you need to do is follow your heart.

  3. From your story, You’ve done your research and known all needed to know in this situation, you love him and he loves you too, you share same beliefs with him.
    Coming to sex, both of you can be satisfied through other means like foreplays and the rest of them not only penetrative sex…..all you need to do is follow your heart.

  4. My dear lady… if God has confirmed it to you he is the one to marry and He will as well give your husband a miracle concerning his manhood when you marry him. God will use your situation as a big testimony to give home to others.

    But the only issue is that, you have to be sure it was God who gave you that confirmation. You know the devil also is able to transform himself as an angel of light. Of ita not from God, then its solely your decision at the end of the day and whatever future risk, you will have to live with it.

    I can see you are a very good Christian lady and God’s plan for you is not to make you worried and regret your marriage. So you should have a strong PEACE in your heart and kind concerning what God has said no mattee how difficult it is.

    Ise the story of Abraham when God told him to sacrifice his only son Isaac to him
    to encourage yourself.

  5. Marriage isn’t all about sexual activities or big dicks…though it’s important…so here’s a few things you can try, Penile lengthening surgery is a real thing, and if that isn’t enough, a phalloplasty could also be done. This is when tissues from other body sites is used to create a new penis (and urethra) for the patient.

    You can have a whole lot of fun and satisfaction from vibrators, fingers, mouths, toys like strap-ons and penis extenders to augment your body.

    So please sister, if you truly have prayed and you know that he’s your husband, do not leave him because of a small penis, rather look for ways to make your sexual lives fun and interesting and then enjoy peace and happiness in your home.

  6. Hello,

    Thank you for sharing with us.

    I need you to focus on the more important things in life. Sex is very important in marriage. It enhances intimacy in marriage. Sex is good…it was created by God for pleasure and procreation in marriage.

    However, relationship,companionship.friendship, love,respect etc are more important ….you have said that this man loves and cares for you…he is like the dream husband right…those were your words!

    So my dear…you need to answer your own question: nobody can answer it for you…not your pastor ,not revelation,not your pastor’s wife…not your man…NOT GOD either!

    You have to answer: which is more important to you…the love,respect,companionship ,friendship,support and kindness of your man versus sex?

    I think if you answer the above correctly,you will know what to do.

    There are many other ways to enjoy sexual pleasure in marriage that does not involve penetration. There are even safe organ enhances (not drugs please) that can help the size of his situation.

    Above all…you got a good man…you can either decide to take him and make the best of him or thank him for his honesty and move on.

    The real MVP in this story is your man. I salute his courage and honesty. He indeed cares for you and am sure…he will be ok even if you say no to him eventually.

    I pray you both make the right decision,the best for both of you.



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