Is This A Doomed Marriage – She Under Spiritual Attack

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Good day ma’am,

A friend of mine is dating a divorcee with two children. The man has been divorced since 2013. They met last year and everything has been going fine. Even the man’s children,9 and 6 love her very much. They have started making wedding plans but there is a serious issue that is making my friend have second thoughts about the marriage.

The thing is,the man’s ex wife is threatening her both physically and spiritually. My friend never met the ex wife until they announced their engagement about six months ago. Ever since then,the ex wife sent threatening texts to her warning her to stay away from the man. The text even says that if she marries him,that she will become an imbecile.


Initially,she dismissed these threats as that from a jealous ex wife but it became incessant that they had to go and report the lady to the police. Now,the lady has ceased sending sms but she now goes around spreading stories to my friends and family members to warn their daughter to stay away. Now,my friend’s family have become paranoid.

Her fiance has been trying to calm her down saying that his ex is a crazy woman,that is why they had problems and eventually got divorced. But some of this ex wife’s text is saying that this man is evil and that anyone who marries him should beware.

The spiritual angle now is that,my friend is now having nightmares about this ex wife. She sees her in her dreams chasing her with knife and threatening her. Their wedding is next weekend but she is so scared of going ahead. She has been praying,even her church people are praying with her but she is still not ok.

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One woman in her church actually saw a vision that she would marry this man but that her marriage will be filled with difficulties. Ma,I know you are a woman of faith…do you think this marriage is worth going into,knowing that there is a possibility that she will eb fighting spiritual battles all through?

Please share on the platform,I really want a robust conversation on this matter to help my friend make a decision to either go ahead or stop. Is this ex wife a real threat or just a crazy woman?

Thank you.



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  1. Hello Eliza,

    This is a serious issue and I think your friend needs to make a serious decision. Marrying a man with children from previous marriage is hard enough. To have a jealous ex wife involved is another thing.

    My advice: have a serious fasting and prayers with God. Hear God talk to you about this marriage. If you hear God saying go ahead..then you must be ready spiritually to handle this woman. The physical aspect,the man must ensure he protects you very well. On your own,arm yourself with pepper spray for another potential attack from the woman.

    If you pray and God say no,please end this marriage plans asap!…If you do not have peace in your heart after praying…do not get married to this man.

    You have to be very careful,prayerful and courageous.

    I think also that your friend needs to dig deep and make some investigations into this man. Find out what kind of man he is,why did his ex wife really divorce him. Talk to people who know him from his village or work place. Be very observant and very prayerful.

    Do not be in a hurry…take the next three days to pray and fast.

    God will guide you.

  2. Didnt your friend pray about this man before she accepted to marry him, if she did, what did God tell her when she prayed, she should follow what God told her. But if she did not pray, she has to do that pray now. She should make sure she hears from God about what to do and then do what God tells her to do.

    On the other hand, if she is ready to fight the battles involved in marrying this person, then she can proceed and marry him.


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