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Have been married for almost four years now but my husband don’t seem to have a change of mind on women!In the first year of the marriage, he traveled to go and do business.After the business he went and slept with a lady(girlfriend). He was welcomed warmly so as we were playing game on his phone,s*xy pictures he took with the lady popped up!

And then I saw everything.My husband accepted, apologized and we tried to move on!
Fast forward, a particular number kept calling my husband continuously while he had gone out.I picked up to let whoever was calling know he was not around but immediately I picked up,this lady got angry telling me to tell my husband that if he does not respond to her calls to know what to do with the pregnancy, she would curse him!hmmm


Then I got to calm her down!I spoke with her and assured her of letting hubby take up responsibilities.I talked to him and he decided to solve things but along the line,the lady insisted aborting it.How they solved their issue was another story!Truthfully, it nearly cost my marriage.

But it was solved.

About three months there was other 2 ladies in the picture again.When you confront him based on my evidence, he will then admit and apologize!

My question now is how do I manage such a husband because am still working so much to please my husband but he don’t seem to notice it because he’s busy with other ladies!

We have one child.

Is divorce an option?Will he ever stay focus in this marriage?Help me!

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Post anonymous for me!I want views!Thanks.


From Anonymous LS Facebook Reader.


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  1. Hello Madam,

    From the look of things,your husband has a bad habit of cheating. And the fact that he gets forgiven every time he is caught seems ti be fueling his bad behavior.

    My advice: if you think you can continue staying with him…you would have to turn a blind eye to his promiscous ways. Pray for him for God to arrest his heart and turn a new leaf. But you will have to protect yourself in order to prevent STDs.

    If you cannot continue with his lifestyle,then you must insist that he gets help from a professional therapist and he must stick to a process of getting well and being a better husband than he has being. If he fails to do so,you know what to do.

    A trial separation may be appropriate. That will help both of you put things in perspective and decide what you really want at the end of the day. You need to ensure you are not raising your children to think that cheating is alright.

    Its tough but you need to be strong …this too shall pass!

    All the best.


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