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In Love With A Jobless Man But My Mother Forbids It

Good evening ma,

I have a serious issue in my relationship, not actually from the guy but, my parents especially my mum

My boyfriend stays in the same vicinity with me, he initially flaunt me on Facebook when my eldest brother decided to threaten him, my guy actually stopped it.

When my mom was aware she told me even if the guy comes to ask for my hand in marriage that she won’t accept the guy.

Maybe, cos he’s not working. Because my mum just told me she doesn’t even like him. That even if the guy comes with money to marry me that she won’t accept. Just because he was flaunting me on Facebook.

Ma, it has been hell for me cos this guy loves me so much, treats me nicely and respects me and I love him too.

What should I do, my mum said I should stop talking with him. I’m confused. This guy has not hurt me in anyway, he has been nice to me all through my being with him

Ma, please what should I do.


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  1. Hello dear,

    Question is: why is he jobless?…How old is this man?….how long has he been jobless? Is he making any efforts to find a job? Cant he do something in the interim to make money?

    I wrote an article last Saturday about marrying potentials and prospects. Please read it here:

    Now,are you sure that he is jobless is the only reason your mother does not like him?

    Does he treat you right? Does he respect you ? What are his real intentions about you?

    If this guy has potentials or prospects with evidence,drive and passion,then I see no reason why you should not give him a chance.

    You are dating…maybe within a couple of months,he will get a job right?….its not like you guys are getting married next month… takes time and planning ….hopefully by that time he is financially independent….

    Note: I said financially independent….not stable…stable may take a while.

    In the interim,what about you?…do you have a job…can you take care of your self and your needs?

    Why is your mother insisting on you not marrying a jobless man…is it because she fears that it will be hard for you or that the relationship will not be beneficial to her as well?

    At certain age,you become responsible for your own decisions. Choose what you want and live with the consequences.

    No one can really dictate how you live your life…its up to you to make your life choices such as who you marry…

    All you have to do is make sure that you count the cost and be prepared to go on any journey you choose.

    Life is not always rosy….you can choose your own destiny….plot your own graph…ask God to guide you.

    Road may be rough sometimes but if you are determined,you will make it. Do not always depend on others…look at the man in the mirror and take responsibility for your life’s decisions.

    God bless you.


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