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If he hits you once, don’t marry him – Lady speaks on domestic violence

Dear ladies, a Nigerian motivational speaker and entrepreneur, Olajumoke Rhoda has given a relationship tip that can save you a marriage full of crisis.

According to her, ladies should stop getting married to men that hit them while they are still in a relationship.

“Domestic violence against women would reduce drastically if young women would stop getting married to any man who hits them while in a relationship.” She said in a chat with Potpourri.

Speaking on the incessant cases of domestic violence, Olajumoke advised young women to be careful of the men they build relationships with. She argued that most cases of violence against women start while dating or courting and not suddenly in marriage.

In her opinion, any man who hits his partner while dating will do so multiple times if they finally get married. She therefore advised young women to consider their safety first before choosing to get married to their spouse.

“Ladies, please be watchful before marrying any man, because no marriage is worth your lives. I know love makes us take foolish decisions. But for me, when I see the signs I don’t wait to be proven right. My sister lost her life with her 5-month pregnancy because she kept quiet”, she said.

“I advise women going through abuse, physical or s*xual assaults in marriage or relationship to come out. Speak up and seek help before it gets too late. Every woman deserves to be respected and loved by her spouse.”

As an entrepreneur, Olajumoke believes in the independence of women. To her, women live better when they are independent. They also get more respect from their husbands when they can support the home in their own little way. She thinks every woman needs to acquire skills so as to become of assistance, not a liability to their spouse.

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“If you’re independent, its easier to walk away and start afresh, don’t make yourself an invalid in your relationship or marriage”, she advised.






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