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I Was Trying To Protect Her But She Blames Me for Her Marriage problems

My best friend is not speaking with me anymore that why I want to share this story.

Karla just found out that her husband of three months is cheating on her. When she discovered,she was so heart broken and devastated. When she told me,I felt very guilty for not telling her what I saw on her wedding night.

We had all lodged in a fancy five star hotel for her wedding taking place the previous day. After a night of partying and celebrations,we all retired to our bedrooms. But for some reason,I needed a cool swim. I like to swim when I have the opportunity. So I left to the hotel pool around 11pm. On getting to the pool,I found out it was almost deserted except for a few couples. I could actually hear some moaning from one of the couples at the extreme. I smiled,Its s*xy to have s*x by the pool.

I went straight for my swim. I was enjoying myself. I later came up for a little rest. Thats when I noticed that the couple having s*x were still having it. Out of curiosity,I tried to pick. I mean,their moaning was crazy. I didnt see their faces but I was up to some mischief,so I decided to lie down on the pool beds just to catch a glimpse of them. They finished their romping a few minutes later. And the guy got up reluctantly. I say reluctantly cos the girl was saying softly to him,dont go,dont go..but he got up and left anyway.

As he passed me,I pretended to be relaxing with my eyes closed. But I couldnt help but notice it was my best friend’s husband to be,who was getting married the next day that just passed me. Shortly after he left,I got up and left. I couldnt sleep that night. I felt so sorry for my friend but I was not ready to be the one to break the sad news to her.I made up my mind to keep my mouth shut for my own good.

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The next day,at the wedding,the bitch whom my best friend’s husband was sleeping with was one of the guests at the wedding. Some girls are just witches sha. I did everything in my power to stay calm and keep quiet. After the wedding,I sneaked up to the groom and told him I caught him yesterday. I threatened to tell my friend if he doenst change. He said I was mistaken,it was not him I saw. I said,ok. But if I found him doing that again I would spill the beans. He didnt look too bothered. Maybe because he was a good pretender or maybe he just felt I was bluffing and didnt care.

Three months later,my friend found him cheating with someone he claimed he had only a one night stand with out of drunkenness. At that point,I told my friend what happened on the night of her wedding. I thought I was doing the right thing but it turns out that was a really bad idea. My girl flipped and told me if I had told her what I saw,she would have cut  off the wedding. I tried to explain that I was only trying to explain but she is so bitter and now she is no longer speaking to me. It turns out that most people around her knew this guy was cheating but no one told her cos they wanted to stay out of their business. She calls me a betrayer,that I contributed largely to her predicament….how now,what did I do wrong?…Should I have spoken up when I found out in a dire minute? What do you think I should have done differently?

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  1. Hello Remi,
    I think you should have found a way to tell your friend,maybe not directly. Maybe send her an anonymous message or something. Its understandable your friend feels betrayed but its also understandable that you thought you were doing the right things.
    Pray for your friend and support her through this trying period. Keep trying to explain,in time,she will come around.

  2. Keeping quiet was wrong!!!!

    Marriage is a lifetime bond, you have told her then: NOT NOW!

    You cut your friendship, I as a lady won’t keep u as friend.

    If u see anything in my life that’s wrong, tell me. Don’t wait till I find out, it might be late or too hurting.

  3. Since you kept it from your friend when you caught you should have also pretended you didn’t know anything when she found out. Of course she will feel betrayed by you but you need to find a way to make her forgive but I think for now you should give her space.


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