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I Was Trying To Help But I Am In Love With My Uncle’s Wife

Hello Admin,

This is a true life story. This is the story of my uncle and his wife. My uncle lost his first wife  of almost 30 years seven years ago and since then has refused to remarry. He is 57 years old and all his children are grown up and left the home. Eventually,out of pressure,he married a young divorcee of 32 years old who has a son too.

My uncle suffered a heart attack three weeks after his marriage. When he recovered,he was given strict warning by the doctor to take it easy on himself and that includes having sx. That did not go down well with his new wife as she is young and agile. My uncle in his bid to satisfy her sxually began to develop high blood pressure which he didn’t have before..

As a result of his health problems,the wife has become scared that he will die and so stopped giving it to him but to meet her needs,she is started cheating with their Driver. This has caused a huge problem between my uncle and his wife. The woman then asked for a divorce but my uncle has refused that.

They  brought the matter to my family to settle. My father is the eldest Son and he told me about this. I advised them to let the woman go but they insist that divorce is a taboo from where we come from. They decided to get a young man that will be servicing my uncle’s wife which they want to be discreet.I was asked to be the the secret young man.

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The thing is,I am still single and I am in my 400 level at the university. I have no plans of getting married until after university. So,since last year,I have been sleeping with my Uncle’s wife on their request. The problem now is,I am beginning to fall in love with this woman. She is beautiful and knows how to please a man honestly. She is also on love with me.

Since my uncle will not divorce her,she wants to run away so I can join her later on when I graduate next year. She has had an abortion for me cos we didn’t want my uncle to know she got pregnant for me. We were warned to always use protection but we could not follow that rule.

Anytime I think about this matter,I am confused. I don’t know if I should run away truly with her. I love her but if I do that,I will be cut off from my family because they will never forgive me. But staying with her is torture cos now I want her for myself alone and I cannot. She is also worried that I will one day get married to someone else if we cannot be together as husband and wife.

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Last time,she was crying and told me to decide either to run away with her or she will kill herself. Please advise me. What should I do?




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  1. Hello Uzonna,

    You did not say how old you are in your email. However,I think for you to be in 400 level university means you are a grown man.

    And a grown man needs to be able to take his own decisions and darn the consequences.

    Your uncle’s wife is married. What both of you arr doing is adultery whether or not the extended family sanctioned it.

    I think you already know what to do. Get out of that unholy union and let your uncle and his wife deal with their issues themselves.

    I must admit,your family is one of a kind!

    All the best!

  2. Young man, you have your life ahead of you why get entangled in this kind of mess? Your family is against divorce which is a lesser evil than incest. You have been erroneously introduced into a lifestyle that could derail your future. Stop this nonsense immediately and face your studies. Let your uncle, his wife and the family sort themselves out.
    On a serious note, having one or two episodes of a heart attack should not stop a man from sleeping with his wife. He should be less active and aggressive but sex should continue albeit at a reduced frequency. Run for your life and seek God.

  3. Didn’t she know the age of the man before she married him? Now you have put yourself into trouble, their issues is non of your business.
    Separate yourself and face your future before you send yourself into an early grave. Honestly, your family lacks the fear of God.


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