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I Was Going To Loose My Fiance-My Auntie Brought Him Back To Me

Good afternoon lively Stone,

Hide my identity. I have been dating Dotun (not real name) for almost three years. He always promised to marry me before the end of each year but he eventually he will come up with excuses why he cannot marry me. He always plead with me to be patient and wait.

I am not getting any younger and this thing is bothering me. So in May,I traveled to the village and I told my mother what is happening and she said we will go and see my auntie that is a prophetess so she will pray for me. I used to think my auntie was a weird prophetess. I even feared she was fetish one time so I really did not like going to see her.

But my mother made me go and see her. While we were there,My auntie saw vision that there is another woman trying to take Dotun away from me. She said I can confirm it and so I came back to Ibadan and confronted Dotun.

Dotun denied it but I took his phone which I usually don’t do and I went through his messages and found out that he and one Funke are lovers. I cried and cried. Dotun was just looking at me,not even trying to comfort me. The next thing he says is,now that you know,no need to pretend anymore. That he loves this Funke girl and she is the one he will marry.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I went home again. My heart was broken. My mother took me to my auntie again. She promised to help me. She made some prayers and some spiritual things. She then rubbed my eyes with a red substance and told me to go and claim my husband. I never used to believe in such things but my heart was heavy and I was willing to do anything.

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When I got to my base in Ibadan. I went to see Dotun.As soon as he saw me,even though the Funke girl was there,he quickly went on his knees and started to beg me. He begged me for my forgiveness and that Funke girl could not believe her eyes. even me,I could not believe my eyes.

To cut the long story short,Dotun has broken up with that girl and now is fully committed to me. The girl kept fighting and trying but Dotun threw her out.Our wedding introduction was last week. Our wedding is in November. I got my man back. I am very happy. Dotun is like a slave to me now. Anything I want,he agrees. He gives me. He loves me.

And that is my worry. My worry is,I do not know if it is the spiritual thing my auntie did that is making him love me this way or what? Or,is it that his real eyes have been opened ? Cos,before this girl came into the picture,he truly loved me. So,I don’t know if actually this girl used jazz and my auntie’s prayer defeated it …

What if is the other way round…maybe my auntie charmed him for me…and that thing clears off from his eyes one day,will he still love me?My auntie says he is mine forever. That it is our destiny to be married. That she did not use jazz but spiritual prayers to get Dotun.

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Even though I am happy now,I cannot lie to say I am not afraid of the future…please advise me.

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From Anonymous,


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  1. Hello Madam,

    If you have doubts about this. Please do not go ahead and marry this man.

    Speak to your auntie…she is the only one that can explain if this means that the man is charmed.

    If you are a christian,you should pray to God to help do not spiritual tools to win a man.

    If a man does not want you…move on…there are many other men who would want you…

    Take some time to pray and observe and be sure that this man truly loves you for you…that he is not under an influence of anything to love you

    Pray about this..let God guide you.

  2. It’s obvious what she did was fetish. No two ways about it. But I will say, I am let down reason being that you don’t have anything to do with idolatry as a Christian.

    Ask God anything, He will do it in His own time not your own time. There’s nothing too big.

    I am afraid that my last clause may not be please to u. I may decide to hold it.

    Summerily, It’s only Jehovah that can give someone happiness that will last for ever, man cannot do it.

  3. By the sound of it, your finance is under a charm from your aunty.
    That means that negative forces are in this now .
    Your concerns are valid and the devil does not give a free gift.

    The solution is to ask God’s forgiveness and guidance in this matter. Fast and break any covenants or contracts that has been entered into on your behalf with word based prayers, sow a seed to God, ask God to cleanse you, then present your request to Him to give you your fiancé’s heart if it is His will.

    Please do not proceed to marriage without breaking free from these.

    As Christians we need to keep ourselves pure from idolatry.
    God is able to give you all things freely to enjoy

    Be blessed

  4. To add/ clarify,

    There is indeed a pure gift of Prophecy in the Bible but there is also an adulteration in the world today.

    To know if her gifting is pure, did this whole experience leave you with peace from God? Did it reawaken the love of the Father? Did the experience make you desire God more? Do you have a witness in your heart that all is well?

    Clauses you used in your description like

    ‘ she made some prayers and some spiritual things, She then rubbed my eyes with a red substance’,.

    ‘he quickly went on his knees… ‘

    ‘Dotun is like a slave to me now’

    ‘I am now afraid of the future’

    Suggests otherwise.

    May God guide you.


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