I Want To Move On But They Want Me To Remain Their Slave


Hello ma’am,

Please hide my identity. I have been trying to talk to you for a few weeks now but I lacked the courage to approach you. What I am about to say may be very difficult to believe but I need help or prayers.

I lost my husband to kidney failure in 2010. It was a long and hard battle but he finally gave up. Ever since then,I have been alone with my 11 year old son. After two years,I was hoping I would meet someone again and maybe get married. But once guys find out that I am a widow or single mother,they shy away.


I to a new city about two years ago. I needed a change of environment. Hoping to meet new people. A friend of mine told me about an a vacancy for a cook. I am trained chef so applied and I was hired by this well respected couple in the city. They both have titles in the church which I am not going to mentioned.

They were quite understanding and sympathetic when I told them I was a single mother and a widow. The wife particularly took a liking to me. She encouraged me a lot After a month,they offered me a place to stay in their home whenever it was too late to return home. I had a room to myself.

Occasionally,this woman would chat with me and that was how I was free enough to tell her about my difficulty with meeting new men. We became like friends even though she was my boss. One evening,as I was in the kitchen,the husband whom I call Uncle T came in and complimented my cooking. I thanked him and he asked me to thank him properly. I wondered what he meant by that and I told him thank you again.

Before I knew what was happening,he slapped my ass and looked at me with such hungry eyes. I was in shock. I never knew this man was like this. I told him to forget this ever happened. I was ready to forgive and not tell his wife …I did not want to hurt this family that had been too kind to me. He laughed and said don’t worry.

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Because of the ass slapping incident,I decided to be very careful. I tried my best to stay out of their way. Then again,this man pulled another stunt.As I served him his tea one morning,he brought out his manhood and asked me to suck it. I ran out in fright. I knew I had to leave. As I got back to start packing to leave the house,the woman came inside my room and asked me what was going on.

I just stared at her. I did not want to tell her the truth. I did not want to hurt her. I told her nothing but that I was quiting and leaving. She said:Is it because my husband likes you? I stammered and tried to understand what she meant …maybe she meant ..her husband liked me like she did..like her sister or something…

That was when she said,I should not be afraid,that she is aware and that she wants me to go ahead and do what her husband wants. She explained to me that they have an open marriage and that she would not mind me sleeping with her husband. That her husband already told her. I looked at her in shock and she just told me to relax. She explained that they have been doing this for years and they are happy. They do not mind sharing.

Still in shock, I asked her if she does not consider their lifestyle a sin. She said,as long as they both agree,its not. I just sat there and listened to her. I asked her to give me time to think about it. She smiled and told me it would be fine and that I would be paid handsomely if I agreed. I asked how much they would pay me,she said,very well.

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So even though I was reluctant at first but after giving it some thought at what I stood to loose,I agreed and that is how I started sleeping with my employer’s husband. I must admit they are quite a strange couple. At their ages,52 and 54,they make quite a couple. At times,she would engage in the act. Sometimes,she would film us doing it. I was paid very well for my services too.

To be honest,most times,I feel guilty knowing what I am doing but for the first time in a long time,having a man in my life gave me a feeling I have been longing for years,since my husband passed. I wished someone would come and love me for me so that I would not continue to live like this.

It was as if the universe heard my cry and I met someone two months ago. Ajin is a good man I met at the mall. We exchanged number and we have been chatting ever since. I found out that Ajin and I have quite a lot in common and I started thinking of quiting my ‘job’ so I can be with Ajin.

When I told my boss and his wife,they were not too pleased. They refused and told me to forget about Ajin. The threatened to expose me to Ajin or any man who fancies me..if I ever left them. They did not have anything to loose. They were married. Now,I am confused,how do I get out of this mess? I have been pleading with them but they will not listen. They want me to stay with them permanently but I want to move on with my life.

What do I do please…




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  1. Hello lady,

    To be honest…your story is not convincing enough. I understand that you…an adult…a mother of a young boy willingly got involved with a married couple…that is not cool and unacceptable.

    Now,you say you want to leave but they will not let you? Are you a baby? Pack you things and get out of there immediately.

    If they try to blackmail you…its the price you have to pay…but you cannot continue to live like this.

    God has a better plan for you…trust Him to take care of you.

    Stop making an excuse for why you cannot leave …no one can stop you..no matter the consequences.

    Do you think if you continued,your son would be proud of you?

    This has to stop…darn the consequences and move on with your life…you are nobody’s slave.

    Ask God for forgiveness and take care of your life.

    God bless you.


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