I Tried To Keep My Dream Job But I Made An Emotional Mistake


So,I finally got a job at the Fashion house that I have been trying to apply for more than three years. Everyone in South Africa knows that BB fashion House (not real name) is the biggest and the best. I always dreamed of being a Fashion Designer,one who’s designs would be show cased all over the world. My passion saw me dreaming of working with only the best like BB,at least in whole of  South Africa.

When I received the call that I got a job at BB..I was beyond overwhelmed. I resumed and its been such a joy working there with all the top designers in the country to mentor and learn from. I mean,when my boss,the GM even showed interest in me,all I could think of was I was beyond blessed.I saw BB Fashion house as a friendly place to work in. Everyone seemed so cool. Sometimes,the different units would have a TGIF and it was seen as a place that promotes work life balance since we spend crazy hours at work.

One time,we all went to see a movie after work. I loved the movie cos it was a romantic one and I am a crazy romantic. My GM asked me how I loved it and I told him I am a crazy romantic. He then said he also is a crazy romantic. Next day,he got me the whole sets of 50 shades of grey and said it was a gift. I had heard about the movie but not yet seen it. I thanked him and I planned to watch it with my husband over the weekend.


If you have seen the movie,it was as erotic as can get and I enjoyed it,however,I did not tell my husband it was given to me by a senior male colleague at work. I did not want to feel awkward explaining myself. And I did feel awkward when my GM wanted to gist about the movie with me at work on Monday. I told him I enjoyed it as much but he said he wanted details. He wanted to know if the movie turned me on. I laughed,I thought it was just a dirty joke.

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A few weeks later,I got an alert on my phone for the sum of 1,500 rand. It came from my GM. I called him to inform him if he made a mistake but he said I could keep it,he wanted to give m something. I tried to refuse but he insisted. I am sorry but when I took the money,I lied to my husband that my office gave me a bonus for my hard work. I used the money to buy an electric sewing machine that I have been dreaming of owning since I was a 20 years old.

By now,it was clear that my GM was a little more interested in me than normal. For some reason,I did not know how to resist him. I laughed at his dirty jokes and he was quite comfortable with me I guess. GM had a really nasty and dirty mind. He sent me erotic movies, porn and nude pictures. The first time,I was shocked and told him I did not need to see them but he laughed and told me to relax and delete them once I saw them.

I felt really ashamed of myself but I just went along with GM. GM promised to give me a promotion soon if I made him happy. I loved my job. I did not want to loose it. I also felt it was harmless if I just indulged with GM and nobody needed to find out. Well,I tried to keep it a secret until I found myself emotionally attached to GM and my husband began to sense something was wrong. I was always on my phone. Not necessarily doing anything but wanting to make sure that anything GM sent,I saw it and deleted it before anyone else saw it.

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What that meant was,I was holding on to my phone most times and hubby found that strange. He began to suspect and asked me what was going on. I told him it was work related. But he said,he noticed my eyes lit up anytime I was on my phone. I explained that it was because I loved my job. Hubby said…or maybe you are in love with someone else? I swear,I did not see that coming…I am a horrible liar and I broke down and started crying.

I love my hubby and I could not keep this anymore from him. I told him what had been going on with GM and he was so furious. He immediately asked me to resign from BB. I am devastated. I will never get a chance like this in a life time. This is my dream job. I begged and promised to stay away from GM but hubby says I should choose between my career and our marriage. I feel so bad. I made a mistake and now that my hubby knows,I would never be stupid to continue with GM.

I know its hard but how can I convince hubby to let me work at BB….I need this job…I know I would be miserable for the rest of my life if I lost the job…I feel that I do I not have to loose this opportunity for this one mistake….we were not cheating physically..it was just  dirty playing…why cant I get a pass for this one? Do you think my husband is being too extreme in his reaction? …I can ask to be moved to another unit…my staying and being able to correct the mistake I made rather than running a way is better…Please advice me…



Randbourg, South Africa


Photo Credit:Business Insider

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  1. My take:

    There is a thin line between emotional cheating and physical cheating…

    Your case went a little too far….you should have told your husband earlier…

    It clear that you threw caution to the wind and went ahead with your boss..

    I do not see how you can remain working in that organization without you compromising with your boss

    Find another job before this one destroys your marriage…

    Except you can convince your employer to transfer you to another unit..and you must cut off all communication with your GM…hopefully,your husband agrees to that arrangement. He probably wont but give it a try..

    In the end,your marriage is worth more saving than the job.

    All the best.


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