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I Tried To Fix Him Cos He Loves Me But He Is Emotionally Unavailable

Good day ma,
I have a male friend, we’ve been together for sometime now but he hasn’t defined the friendship. When we were trying to know each other one of the things he told me was that he likes someone that reads between the lines so I kept mute about him not defining the relationship.
However, he was so into me but I had a problem of concluding things fast,maybe  seeing him with a lady and concluding he’s dating her but he’ll come back and say otherwise as I wasn’t able to change on that he started drifting away, this time I started going after him to tell him or make him know I’ll change… I concluded on letting him go but one thing led to the other we made love and is kinda hard to let go…

Recently he lost a huge amount of money…even though I want to leave him but I think he needs me now cos is telling so much on him.. I try helping him out on little things like monthly subscription and he always thinks I should know he’s broke,maybe telling him to call me,but he’ll be mute making me think I should know he has no money on him…

Yesterday I tried talking to him about him not loving me but he explained that he is not fashioned that way. He said he is sure that someone else would love me the way I want. This made me so sad. I love him so much and I did not want to loose him. So,I told him I was pregnant.

He came to see me later and asked me to have an abortion. I later revealed that I was not truly pregnant. I actually told him I was pregnant to try to get his attention. Now,he is upset with me and does not want to speak with me. I do not know what to do.

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This guy loves me. I know that. I am very sure of it.But he is unwilling to express himself the way I want and now,he is not speaking to me because I lied to him about being pregnant.

I know it was wrong to tell a lie but I love him and I will do anything to get him back. Please advice me. What can I do?

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  1. Dear Young Lady,

    I understand that when one is in love,your sense of judgement maybe clouded. However,you need to realize that you are in a one sided relationship. This guy already told you he is not the person you are looking for but he still shows you romance…you can see that he wants to eat his cake and have it.

    Open your eyes…lying to him made things worse. How would he even trust you anymore?He would now want to distance himself more and more from you.

    I think its time to move on…you deserve better..and please next time,do not throw yourself at a man…let the man be the one to come after you…to woo you…

    All the best.

  2. Please end this relationship…. He has not defined it, He does not call you much , He has hinted someone else will love you the way you want and then asked you to commit an abortion!

    If He was serious about taking the relationship to the next level, He may have suggested planning a rushed wedding when you made up the pregnancy story.

    Best to be with someone who wants you otherwise you’ll end up hurting yourself emotionally and exerting so much effort for nothing.

  3. Bt I thought u said u will do anything to hv him, so wat kind of advise do u need again? Young lady Pls come to ur real senses n nt de love one so u can see clearly dat day guy doesn’t love u, n will never love u. He has made it clear to u n u are still der saying u know he loves u. If a man loves u n he doesn’t say it wit his mouth, der are things he does dat speaks better dan saying it. Come out of dat one sided relationship

  4. It’s obvious d guy is not committed to u. Besides,even if u had lied to him, suggesting an abortion clearly explains his stand with u. Pls,let him b by not continuously belittling yourself. Beg him no more as he’s a time waster


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