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I Thought This Was Love But My Life Is Being Threatened

I met Kisha during my NYSC. She is a very lovely girl and we clicked so easily. Even though it was clear that she is a butty (someone raised in affluence),Kisha always behaved down to earth. Her father is a politician. Her mother and siblings are always abroad for whatever reason,maybe security,I dont know.

Kisha invited me to her Dad’s 51st birthday. We travelled by air. She paid for my ticket. It was a great party. Everyone who is who was in attendance in Abuja. Most of the politicians looking at me with so much lust. Kisha’s father did not look like 51 at all. Nice man. He gave us money:dollars.

I was wowed. So many rich people around me. We spent the night in Kisha’s house. I was given a massive guest room. Sometime around 2am or so,someone knocked on my door. I thought it was Kisha. I opened,it was Kisha’s dad. I was surprised. Before I could react,he was kissing me. I tried to fight but it was useless. He had me..he was very rough and quick.

He got up and began to apologize to me. Begged me not to tell kisha. That he was drawn by my beauty. He left me a huge envelop of Dollars. I was in shock,crying softly. He started kissing me. This time,very softly. Calling me baby. I love you,I couldnt help myself,I will do whatever you want. This time,he was so soft and gentle,I allowed him have me again.

He left like two hours later. The next thing I heard waking me up was Kisha’s voice. She was screaming with excitement.Her father just presented her with a car. She was so excited. I could not believe how these people had so much wealth. Kisha’s excitement probably made her not to notice I was not really myself.

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We took a spin in the car. I had to pretend to be excited too. She told me her father promised to get me a good job after youth service. I spent a few more days in Kisha’s house. The father never came to me but sent me several poetic love messages. I began to think this man was truly in love with me.

We came back to Lagos for NYSC after five days. I went back to my normal life with lots of dollars. A week later,Kisha’s dad calls me to say he is in Lagos. He asks me to meet him in a popular hotel in V.I. He had been sending me love messages since we left Abuja. Telling me he wanted to make love to my amazing body. Hmm,even my boyfriend does not toast like this man. His mouth was full of sweet things.

Met him in a very luxurious hotel that evening. He spoilt me with such expensive dinner. And later,made love to me. I summoned courage to ask him about his wife,why he was being unfaithful to her. He assured me his wife knows woman are part of the ills of being a politician. I asked if Kisha knew,he said no and I should keep it that way.

I found it hard to hide my relationship with Kisha’s dad. We were very close friends. It was hard but Kisha’s dad came to Lagos almost every weekend to see me. I made up several excuses to be off during the weekend. This man treated me with so much love and care and money. It was hard not to fall for him. I was in love with him. I became careless. I got pregnant after four months of seeing Kisha’s dad.

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I found out when I was almost three months gone. Service year is ending in two weeks. He already got me a job in a big Oil and gas firm. Being pregnant was never part of the plan. I told him and he asked me to abort it. He sent me to a very high class hospital to do it. the night before the abortion appointment,I dreamt I died from the abortion.I became scared and decided not to go on with the abortion.

That angered Kisha’s dad. He became angry and threatened me. He told me he would end my life if I tried to create a scandal for him and his family or tried to ruin his political career. I told him I was not planning to ruin him but that my dream made me scared. He said it was bullshit. Hr has given me 1 week to get rid of the pregnancy or he will make me regret.

I am very scared now. I do not know if my dream would come true if I go ahead with the abortion but if I do not go ahead,I am scared of what this man might do to me. I need help and advise. Please someone tell me everything will be alright. I have thought of telling my parents but they will not understand. They will be disappointed in me but eventually,they would ask me to keep the baby which Kisha’s dad will not want. Kisha also finding out will be too much blow…she would probably hate me and side her dad for an abortion…

Advise me please…

Tobi (Not real name)



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  1. Tobi,

    The first thing to do is tell your parents. A single young woman cannot fight a powerful politician by herself. They will be disappointed but you need them for support and security.

    I believe your dream is God’s way of telling you not to abort….be very careful.

    You may also need to get a lawyer. He cannot bully you into silence. Let him know that you are scared of aborting. He may think you are an opportunist but follow you heart.

    You made a mistake …both of you did…sadly,this ppregnancy is the consequences of yoru mistake. Think of all the people your actions would hurt:
    Her mother
    Your parents

    I pray you ask God for wisdom and courage to do the right thing and forgiveness for your actions.

    Please change your ways. Act more responsibly in future.


  2. Dear , you’ve made a mistake already , please don’t add to it.
    Go to God in prayers and also tell your parents.
    Please,dont abort the pregnancy and try to keep away from that man
    It’s well with you.


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