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I Suspect Something Wrong With Me- Have I Missed My Marital Destiny?

Good evening ma

Please I am Kemi (not real name) by name. I need your help. I need you to counsel me

I was a dating a guy before the relationship is up to 4 years now but in this relationship there is nothing like communication, trust, sincere love, commitment.. The guy is too flirt so I decided to break up with him.

I said yes to him that time because I was told that he’s my future husband but since have met him he has never make me happy for once

So now I changed to him.And I decided to move on. I just met I guy recently thou we attend the same church his worker in church, Hard working etc.. He asked me out and I gave him a trial due to his effectiveness In church

I later know he has someone else he’s dating. Now things has changed totally. Am confused

How can we find true love??  Because I don’t want to miss it maritally ma…


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  1. Hello dear,

    There may not be anything wrong with you… does one miss marital destiny?

    I know God’s plan for all His children are to give them good things,good future,etc

    How old are you for you to think you may be missing some marital destiny?

    From how you described your two relationships,those guys did not deserve you…why stress yourself?

    I think you should have some self reflection: who are you,what is your purpose? what does God want you to do? is marriage the only way to fulfill your destiny?

    Do some self love too…love yourself the way God loves you and any man who comes your way will appreciate you. Do not allow anyone place unnecessary pressure on you…you also,do not pressure yourself.

    Live your life to the fullest:with or without marriage.

    You cannot be happy in marriage if you are not a happy person. Discover yourself first.Be the best version of yourself first.

    Learn to love yourself.Get busy and focus on God’s purpose for you.

    And do not settle for just anyone….the right person is God’s plan for you.

    God bless you

  2. Sweetheart, spend time with God. Build your relationship with God. Read books and get knowledge. Build your self esteem, and invest more in loving yourself. When you do that, trust me, you will realize that your life and your worth is not depended on a relationship with man.
    Then you will be able to know the time wasters from the ones that are serious. Then you will know what love is and you will be able to identify your appointed one when you meet him.


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