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I Need Advise:What Does My Boyfriend Mean By:God Is In Control?

Good afternoon ma,

Please Sir,I need your counsel on this matter.

If you ask your boyfriend that you as a lady you want to know your stand in the relationship and he said: my stand is firm and God is in control….

Please, what does that mean?What does he mean by the statement above?

Since then, this does not pick my calls any more. What can I do.

Because I want to ask if by any way I have offended him?


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  1. Hello,

    Your question is the 4th of similar questions that ladies have asked me this week. And this is beginning to give me course for worry.

    Dears single sisters: please please I beg you to listen to me: NO GUY IS WORTH BEHAVING LIKE A DESPERATE WOMAN FOR.

    If a guy is not picking your calls…why are you still wondering if the relationship still exists?

    You are dating a guy who has not defined the relationship…he did not promise you marriage…and you ask him where is your stand and he says :GOD IS IN CONTROL?……and you are still asking questions?????

    Please,any guy not being direct is not worth your time….any guy who does not make you feel like a queen or respects you or desires you is JUST NOT WORTH IT.

    Ladies: there are many fishes in the ocean o…both for men and women….

    If he is giving you mixed messages….move on quickly…its not like he has even given you an engagement ring….why do you want to kill yourself over a guy who does not know what he wants yet?

    Its until ladies begin to place value on themselves that guys will begin to respect and treat them right.

    So this guy in question…..block his no and move on..act like he never existed…HE IS NOT YOUR LAST HOPE…NEVER!

    Stop issing him or wondering what you did wrong…you did nothing wrong… are just too hot for him to handle….


    Let no one treat you less than that!

    Happy Sunday!


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