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I May Not Be A Saint But She Is A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

Nosa is my Eldest brother’s first son. He lived with my family during his university days before he went abroad for his masters. The family is really proud of the young man he has become. Very humble,respectable and very intelligent. The only problem he has was the fact that,no one had seen him with a girl since her was in Uni and worse still,its been six years after his masters. He works in a good company,earns well but no girl around him. Its not like we havent seen any girl around him but he has not introduced anyone to the family as his girlfriend.

Being the only son of his parents,they are pretty worried! We have even joked and teased him that perhaps he is gay. His sisters have all gotten married or are in relationships. So it was a joy when Nosa brought Judith to the family six months ago. They seemed pretty cool. Nosa was clearly in love. Judith seemed like a very nice girl. When he brought her to visit me,we welcomed her with open arms. My wife even complimented Judith for being such a homely and respectful girl. In our eyes,she was the perfect wife material.

They got engaged three months later. The family introductions have been made. I personally promised to sponsor a greater part of the wedding. I couldn’t be more happy to do this. Nosa has made all of us proud especially me cos he lived with me.

I am someone with a lot of political associates. I am not a saint but the job I do makes it inevitable to be mingled with some of the bad habits that men get involved with. So I was in Abuja for a few business meetings.  After the meetings,I hung out with some of my associates. Some of our bad habits is that some of the men actually have hook ups after business meetings. Some ladies of the night trade or hook up girls usually join us to have fun. Call it evils of the trade. We hung out at one of our usual spots. Not long after,the ladies joined us. And as usual,they were doing their thing. I mean,all kinds of evil that mortal men cannot resist.

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One of the ladies though, was giving one of my associates a good time. To the extent that he was already screaming with all sorts of profanities. I was intrigued, I was like men,this girl has skills. I wanted to be the next to enjoy this girl so I stepped closer to them. Only for me to notice that this girl i turned out to be Judith!…yes,my Nosa’s Judith!….can you believe that? Soon as I saw her,I called her name….she was shocked beyond belief!..I too was shocked. She went on her knees and started to beg. My friends asked me if I knew her. One even asked ,ol boy where did you know this wh*re from? Abi she steal from you when you bnged her? I told them that she was my Nephew’s fiancee. Someone who’s wedding is in two months time and I happen to be sponsoring the wedding! My friends all burst out laughing. Someone said,who go marry this prstitute!

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Since that night,this girl has been calling my line,begging me. I just got back to Lagos and I am struggling with how I will tell my wife or my family or even Nosa. First,I have to explain what I was doing at the club,with those ladies to my know women,this thing can also blow up in my face. Secondly,how do I tell Nosa that his beloved angel is a runs girl? It will break him. But I dont think keeping quiet is the best,Nosa deserves much better than this thing. I need your advice on the best way to communicate this unfortunate incident to my nephew.

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Admin.kindly post this on your platform,I like reading peoples’ opinion. Eve if its sometimes crazy and judgmental. You can judge me,I already said am not a saint but please advice me on how to help Nosa. He deserves better.

Don Franco,



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  1. Hello Mr Don,

    You got some explaining to do. Stop giving excuses for your own behavior, you are as bad as Judith!

    You should be a role model for young folks…how do you expect singles to be faithful when they see married people like you very unfaithful to the sacred union of marriage?

    If you truly want to do the right thing…ask God to forgive you,turn a new leaf and start being a better role model as a married man

    Only after then can you have the moral justification to judge Judith

    In all,tell Nosa. You owe him that. Just tell him. If you end up in hot water in the process,well,man up and clean up your own act too.

    Whether Nosa agrees to go ahead and marry Judith is strictly is own decision.

    It is well.

  2. You need to tell Nosa and explain to your wife too, you can’t keep such a secret away from your nephew please .Beg your wife and promise to be a faithful husband henceforth. As for Nosa, it’s left for him to decide.

  3. I like your truthfulness, it shows you are humble. Now you have to tell Nosa what you saw, which means confessing your own sins and receiving forgiveness. You have to tell him because he will find out later and when he discovers that you knew b4 the marriage and said nothing, you will be hated or resented for life. Save him from future calamities, like the above poster Bukola has rightly said, the ball is in his court.


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