I Loved & Raised Their Son But They Now Accuse Me Of Being A Witch


Years ago,my husband ad I were a young couple when we had just moved into a 3 bedroom apartment from our small tiny one room apartment that we lived in for five years. It was really an upgrade for us at the time. I was very happy that things were looking up for us as we had been struggling financially for some time.

Myself and my husband got better jobs. We however needed someone to help look after our young children who were between the ages of 5,3 and 1. We had heard so many stories about the menace of house helps so we decided to get help from family. I was able to bring a young cousin of mine to stay with us. She was 17 at the time.

My children and my husband loved this cousin of mine. Everything was fine until after a few month. I started noticing that my cousin was becoming rude to me. I tried to correct her but it only got worse. When I reported her to my husband,he said I should ignore her as she was just a child.


I knew in my heart that her behavior was as a result of a man being in her life. I actually suspected that she was having a boyfriend. This girl became sick and before I knew what was going on,she became pregnant. I was devastated. Scared about how her parents would be disappointed in me.

But my disappointment become more when it was revealed that my husband was responsible for her pregnancy.Our entire world crumbled. Our families thrown into confusion. Of all the reasons my husband gave for this betrayal, none on them sounded logical. I wanted to leave my marriage. I left for a few months actually.

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Our families eventually settled the matter. My husband begged and begged me. I listened to the voice of reason and decided to make peace and move forward. My cousin left to her parents place to give birth to the baby. The baby was returned to my husband when he was 6 months old.

I agreed to raise that child as my own. I loved this little boy and no one knew he was not my own child when you see him play with my own children. What we did not know was that,this little boy was a sickler. We did not discover until he was 3 years old. Caring for a sickler baby was tough but I did it as a mother would.

I spent days in hospital. Getting all kinds of medication. Praying for a miracle for this my baby boy. We lost him just a few days to his 5th birthday. It was a sad day for us. I could not be consoled. The boy’s mother and her parents accused me of killing their son. They did not believe he was sickler. They said,I bewitched the boy to be sick cos I did not want another woman’s child for my husband.

This was double jeopardy for me. The family held a meeting and decided that I have to travel down to the village to come and drink a blood sacrifice and swear that I did not kill that boy. I refused as that is against my faith. And even truly ridiculous. The strange part,my husband supported by saying I should go and swear to clear my name.

Now,my husband is threatening to divorce me if I do not go and swear. God knows my hands are clean. I loved that child like my own. Why everyone thinks I caused the death of the boy is beyond me. My parents are not happy at all about this. Initially they supported my decision to not go and swear. But because of the pressure,they are saying I should go and swear so I do not look guilty.

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I am confused. As a christian,should I swear? If I do not,how to I clear my name and save my family. Or should I just leave the marriage?Personally,I am tired of all these troubles. I do not know what else to do…please advise me.


Mrs O,



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  1. So sad! Whats your hubby phenotype? Whats the little lady phenotype? Are their documentation from the hospital that shows the baby was a sicker? These are evidence to show to the family. My concern is, why your hubby who is protecting you is supporting them. Well, it may tarry ,let vengeance be of the lord.

  2. hello mrs O

    This is quite a story. One that I find quite annoying.

    Annoyed that there are society practices like ”swearing” or drinking blood still in play today….

    Why didn’t the boy’s parents come to pick up the child when he was sick?..

    Its more disturbing that your husband seems to be in support of this dastardly act.

    My advice is this: do not do anything that is against your beliefs. You do what you need to do.

    If eventually your husband asks you to leave as a result of this,so be it…what nonsense!

    Do not let them intimidate you…get yourself some independence if it ever gets to that stage…

    Just do you…going to drink blood and swear….what if it is a set up to try and attack you?

    Perhaps,that cousin of your will use that to come back to your husband if you die drinking their concoction.

    Do not do it…go and pray and fast. Let God fight this one for you. Do not allow anyone coarse you to do this rubbish.

    God bless.

    • True.
      The swear maybe a set up to end her life.
      Coz these days , the gods can be bribed. loooool
      Let her swear anything

  3. My instinct tells me that if you go down to the village to do whatever they asked you to do, you will not survive it. I believe they want to kill you so that your cousin will marry your husband. Unfortunately your husband that is supposed to protect you is even against you.
    Truth is, which ever way you go about it, you will loose. If you go for it, you will loose your life. If you don’t go, you will loose your husband. So the decision is yours to make, whether to go and loose your life, or loose your husband. It is now your life or your husband.
    Personally, I cannot stay married to a man who after all he did to me will still not protect me and my interest. If I were you, I leave the man so I can be alive to take care of my children.


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