I Like This Guy But I Suspect He Is Gay-Am I Just Being Paranoid?

Good evening ma,
Please I have a question and I need advice. I met a guy like two weeks ago in the bank. We chatted a while and he convinced me to exchange numbers with him.
I was reluctant at first cos I noticed his nails were long. I was disgusted that a guy would keep long nails but somehow I knew that if we are going to be anything, he has to deal with his long nails first.
Now, we went on our first date on Saturday and I think I am done with him. Cos, I told him to get rid of the nails, he said no… That he keeps them clean and he likes it. My God,which man keeps all 10 fingers with long nails?All that is left is for him to paint them.
Now, my question is, is this a good enough reason for me to discontinue the relationship or should I overlook it? Apart from the nails, the guy checks out. Looks like a good guy and all.
I grew up with the thinking that men ought to be moderate in dressing and manicure. Especially in this age of homosexuality,one of the signs of a homo guy is grown nails. I mean,his nails are longer than mine.
Is this a deal breaker ma? Should I over look this or could this be saying something about him that he is hiding?
Please advise me, what should I do?
Ms. K
Photo Credit:Waywardgraduate
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  1. Hmm,

    As minor as this issue seems,I think you should consider very hard before making a decision.

    It could be harmless nail keeping habit but…

    But if it bothers you and he is unwilling to change,its early enough to move along.

    Go with your gut!


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