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I Just Made A Horrible Mistake, I Have No One-Please Help Me!

Good afternoon ma,

I am a member of your group on Telegram. I  see how you help people. Please help me.

All I think of now is suicide. I will be 22 by December. I have been working far from my parents. I have a boyfriend we have been dating for 3 years now. Its a long distance relationship.

However,I met this guy recently.  He lives close to my house.I knew he was an ass but I still fell into his trap, now I am doomed. I was sick he came to visit me, we had unprotected s*x .

My condition became worse so I had to come back home to my mum. On getting home, I discovered I am pregnant. I have told him. He said he doesn’t have any money that I should keep it.

He has never given me a dime,I have begged him with everything I have he is not answering me. I just told my mum and she asked me to leave her house. Now,I am back to my place and I do not know what to do. I have been crying all these while.

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  1. Hello dear,

    Suicide is not the answer. I know you feel sad and helpless but do not give up now.

    Apart from your mother,is there no sibling or aunty or friend who can assist you with funds to take care of yourself?

    Also,can you find an NGO around you that may help with keeping the pregnancy. Or find a job that can sustain you and the baby?

    Maybe a church too around you…meet the women leaders there and explain your situation…

    Its not the end of the world…pick yourself up…do not think you are no longer are worthy…God loves you and so do we all.

    Please keep in touch,I want to know how you are getting on.

    God bless.


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