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I Have Forgiven My Girlfriend But Can Our Relationship Still Work?

Greetings to you in Jesus name🙏

I have a marital issue and I need help.

Should I still continue with the relationship?

I’ve been in relationship with her for about a year and some months. We’ve promised to get married with time; preparing for introduction. We lived in the same community, but I was latter transferred to a distance State.

I then sent her money to get a new phone for herself which she did. All of a sudden she called me to report that the phone was stolen in her room😳.

Two days later, she called me again to tell me that the person who took the phone called her to confess; saying he took the phone without her knowledge to get her a bigger one.🤔

I had to ask, “who is that guy?” A friend she replied. She visited my parents, while coming back, she met with him in a bus for the first time, they exchanged phone contacts.

One day he visited her and spent four days with her in her room, he slept with her and after which he took the phone and left for the state he was heading to.

She told me some parts of the story on phone. When I came back for break, I had to ask her more questions, that was when she was saying all these with difficulty.

All these happened within 2 months of our separation (my transfer).She is pleading for forgiveness, I’ve forgiven her, but should I still continue with the relationship or quit?

What should I do? I really need your response.


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  1. Hello Young man,

    You need to understand that trust in relationship is a big issue. My question is,after what she did,do you still trust her?

    If you trust her…that she will be faithful after this…then,I see no problem with continuing your relationship. But if Trust cannot be rebuilt..then take a walk!

    How are you sure she will not do this again?

    Over looking infidelity in marriage is a different thing as forgiving infidelity pre-marriage.

    Sometimes,you forgive infidelity in marriage because it was a one off mistake or you place more importance over your marriage than an affair.

    But with just a relationship,I personally do not think a boyfriend or girlfriend deserves the luxury of forgiveness with infidelity, it may be a test of their character. This may be a red flag to the fact that cheating may be a habit for them. But that is my opinion,,,not saying you must take it cos realities are different.

    Another reason for worry is,you said her stories are not adding up…well…maybe she is not telling you the entire truth….

    So,what you do is entirely up to you…just be very careful!


  2. Say your goodbyes .

    In the midst of planning a marriage she started seeing someone else to the point He stayed with her for 4 days , even Joseph, when He thought Mary had been unfaithful made secret plans to put her away.

    The issue here is this matter can affect your marriage in future , either she may be unfaithful again or your perception of her and trust when you are not watching .


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