I Have Feelings For Their Daughter But I Don’t Want To Ruin Everything


Dear Jzhane,

Please I need your advice on an important issue. I really don’t know how to go about it
By the way, I’m Don(not real name). But if you’d be posting this, I want it as anonymous. Thanks

I’m in my late twenties. There’s this girl who lives in my area… I’m a very private person and don’t keep friends. But her family are the only ones I relate with in the area. And they see me as this ‘responsible guy’


She’s still quite young.. 16 years, SS3. But I like her, though I’ve not told her officially. Cos I’m kinda worried about the age difference and maturity level.

I don’t wanna do things I’d regret later on. But we’ve been talking, normal discussions and all…And I guess she likes me too, from the way she behaves.So I really don’t know if I should give it a shot or not or wait till she’s a bit more matured.

Then another concern is.. If she agrees, what are the chances of her derailing later on in the relationship, since she’s yet to experience the life out there? I really don’t know. I’m confused.

And then, her parents.Though they like me a lot. But I don’t wanna betray anyone’s trust. Please help. Those are my major concerns.

Thank you


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  1. Hello Sir,

    I want to ask you to forget about that little girl. In most societies,what you are thinking about is called child abuse….

    No mother wants a man around her 16year old daughter…well,most mothers!

    You already feel some type of way about this…as an adult,you know it will lead to a bridge of trust that her family has for you….

    This girl has a whole life ahead of her…let her be….you can keep in touch with her family until she is old enough…maybe after her schooling in higher institution….then,if you are still interested,make your intentions known..

    Please be disciplined around this young girl,if your feelings are strong,cut off from her for now….

    As a 16 year old teenager,she may even have feelings for you from the way you explained her behavior…but she is still a kid…see what is happening with R Kelly Now…

    Be careful and stay cautious..

    God bless.

  2. My question is, What do you want her for? Is it for a decent relationship that will lead to marriage or you just want to pass time with her while having sex with her.
    If you are sure that you want her for sincere and genuine reasons, then don’t go to her, go to her parents and tell how you feel about their daughter and hear what they will say. Whatever they say is your answer. Beside that, be sure that you don’t intend to marry any time soon, so you can give her time to grow and mature. But if you intend to marry any time soon, also let her parents know that you intend to marry soon. If they are OK with her marrying that soon, then you have your answer.

    But if all you want to do is to keep having sex with her. Then just leave her and let her be.


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